Welcome to BFF


If you’re a busy modern woman who loves to look and feel great, but doesn’t always have the time to get the stuff she really needs to do so, this is the place for you!

Hi, my name is Jobelle.

I started Belle’s Face & Fashion because of my love for cosmetics and skin care, but, as someone who was running my own business 24/7 I could never find the time to get what I really needed. Basically, I was left saving up my wish list until the Christmas holidays and attempting to beat the mad rush to Sephora to buy all of my supplies for the next year!

The elbowing, the crowds, and the lines, my god, the lines. It’s not the most ideal way to stock on up cosmetics and skin care products, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else either!

Men didn’t have this problem if they’re trying to look their best. In fact a 2015 study by the Grooming Room found that 3 time as many women spend over 3 hours every month just trying to get products to get ready. It seemed like an unfair grooming gap in the year 2016!

So I started investigating, if it was hard for me to go to the products, then why don’t I make them come to me! Well, not so fast. Living in the Philippines, I noticed that the prices of cosmetics were something double or triple what I had seen overseas!

That’s when I decided, screw you screwdriver! I’m going to do this myself!

On Belle’s Face & Fashion, I’m going to be your BFF! I’ll bring you the best and trending cosmetics and skin care products that I love, talk about them, write about them and show you how to use them! If you love it, then you can get them at great prices and have them delivered right to your door every time you need them (you won’t even need to remember)!

Welcome to BFF, where our mission is to get you cosmetics and skin care without fuss, where we want you to look amazing, everyday, effortlessly and where we fight to close the #groominggap!

Sign up for our pre-launch online store party now!

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