8 Simple Beauty Hacks. Get ready for 2017.


Not enough hours in the day? Filling your nights with a few too martinis and not realizing it’s already past midnight? We’ve been there too.

It’s times like this that you feel OK about skipping a few things in your nightly beauty routine so you can collapse in bed to the sound of “Bridget Jones’s Baby” in the background. These can quickly turn into zombie mornings where getting ready is near impossible.

Not to worry! We heard your call. Hey, we have smart phones, the Internet, ride sharing and adulting to do. We’re all busy these days. So, my busy lady, here is an early present. 8 tips to help you ease into your routines for 2017.

Skincare Lite

Toner? Eh, not today. Whitening lotion? Save it for later in the week. Cleansing? Under. No. Circumstances. Do. You. Skip. This. No matter what you do, NEVER go to sleep without washing your face.

OK, so you probably will anyway. No one’s perfect, but sleeping without cleaning your face gives bugs and free radicals on your face every chance wreck your skin’s healthy collagen. This means fine lines, wrinkles, and looking older than you should. Makeup also stays in your pores developing unsightly blackheads and preventable adult acne.

Use Konjac Sponges to quickly get rid of dirt and makeup on your face. It takes less than 2 minutes and you don’t even need to get out your cleanser! Even if you miss the rest of your routine, there’s now no excuse to skip this bit.

Morning Makeup Mash

We are all guilty of being a little liberal with the snooze button, but there’s no reason you can’t look glamorous AND sleep in! The easiest way to do this is to sport some bold lips. Since all eyes are on your lips there no need for heavy eye makeup. Just slap on some mascara or a dash of eyeliner and, voila, done in under 5 minutes flat.

Bed Head! Own it!

Bed head! It’s the bane of everyone who has hair’s existence! But not to worry. While we can’t always have perfectly straight hair, it’s pretty trendy these days to just work with it! Want to wear your hair up? Perfect day for a sock bun! But what if you have to wear your hair down? Own the mess! Try texturizing spray for an instant beachy appeal. People spend money for hair like that, and all you have to do is thank your messed up pillow.

Be Organized

If you’re busy like me then you probably have a bedroom that looks like a small explosive went off. While you’re sitting there telling yourself it’s “organized chaos”, you’ve been wasting time looking for “stuff that’s missing, but not really”. Get organized girl! It’s so much easier to get out on time when you’re organized. Use mesh packing bags and clear Tupperware containers to keep yourself organized. Stick to the same routine each morning to save time. Pretty soon it’ll be muscle memory and you won’t even remember why you look so darn amazing when you walk out the front door!

Swiss army Makeup

Look, we aren’t telling you to go out and buy those all in one compacts that you can do your whole face with one shade of one product, that’s a total lie. But! You’d be surprised how many ways you can use your lipstick, for example (you ever tried using light shaded lipstick as a blush? Thanks South Korean beauty queens!). Find products that covers a lot of bases such as our Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB cream. Foundation, moisturizer and sun block?! Yes please!

It’s all in the eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, they’re also the window to looking and feeling tired… The fastest way to feel a rush of energy even if your body doesn’t feel like it is to work on the eyes! Eye creams, serums and whitener drops help you feel refreshed and less tired, stop looking like Mrs. Grumpy!

Use Semi-Permanent Makeup

Look, you don’t need to tattoo your face like an Hawaiian demi-god, but did you know some makeup doesn’t have to be a daily routine? Use semi-permanent brow tattoo brush pens and eye last dyes to frame your eyes, and lip tints to color your lips! They can last days at a time without being bad for your skin so you can save time in the morning.

Get your Brows Groomed

The days of loving the mono-brow are over (were they ever not?). Scraggly brows that look like overgrown moss is one of the quickest ways to look unkempt. Keep your brow groomed by a professional groomer and, whether you wear makeup or not, you’re always going to look ready to impress!

See! Busy modern women like us can look glamorous in minutes too with these 8 Simple Beauty Hacks.

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