3 Beauty Taboos to Ignore


Honey, it ain’t easy trying to be perfect. Expectations for the modern woman these days to look their best can be pretty damn depressing. So why not ignore them? Here are three ways you can tell the world to shove it and just be yourself au naturale.


The brow. An untameable beast for the ages. Leaving your brow to assume full foliage position is the most brilliant of taboos. But it’s tough to not cringe when your significant other rubs his or her finger over them and says, creepily, “Mmm. Bushy.” Don’t get all flustered though. While grooming them before important dates, interviews and formal outings is a good idea, giving them freedom outside of these times is OK too.

Naked Nails

All of us love a good gel nail, for sure! But nothing from the salon lasts forever, and there’s nothing quite like the shame of looking at your nails while going out the front door and realizing they look like peeling paint. But not to worry, there’s no need to feel self conscious with a set of naked nails, at least using your smart phone won’t be such a frustrating challenge, and, you gotta remember, all guys at one point or another have feet that would make Frodo proud.

Shoulder Snow

What? Is snow landing on your shoulders during summer? Or is it the more likely daily dandruff shower? But, don’t feel bad. Dandruff is real and common. Sometimes with all of the focus on having hair that’s silky, bouncy, wavy and a whole lot of other words that end in “y”, we forget to take care of our scalps. Don’t feel ashamed when walking up to the cashier and the chemist holding a maxi-sized bottle of anti-dandruff. Own it, you! Just like you should own your shoulders next time someone decides to brush off that dandruff snow. Brush that stuff off like you just dropped a mic and keep moving forward.

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