Your Guide to looking Photoshopped in Real Life


Fashion models. Glamazon’s with insanely flawless skin. No doubt some of them have had actual Photoshopping done to them on their off days. Often it’s been the work of a makeup brush to hide that unexpected redness, though, as opposed to a digital one.

Now that you know that, it makes looking Photoshopped in reach of us mere mortals. They say that the mark of truly amazing makeup is not making someone look good on their best day, but making someone look good on their worst. How do you do that?

Two words ladies. Color correction.


All you need to do is to remember your opposites when it comes to colors, apply it to your face, and voila!

For those who don’t remember, this is your top secret cheat sheet you can stash next to your mirror. Make your friends gasp when they see you! Promise I won’t tell how you did it.

Caution: Color correcting primer is some strong stuff! Use no more than a pea sized drop.


Problem: Dehydration and tiredness is causing your skin to turn yellow.

Solution: Purple, lavender or lilac primers counteract yellow undertones you develop, particularly when dehydrated. They brighten your skin to give you a subtle glow.


Problem: Looking like a red stop sign? You might have some rosacea or acne.

Solution: Green primers directly counteract redness in the skin. Use a tiny bit to give an even and flawless finish to your skin. Be aware that green primer can make your skin look pale, though.


Problem: You’re tired, overworked, and you’ve let your skin care go recently. It’s starting to show with dark circles and brown spots on your face.

Solution: Pink, peach and salmon primers bring back a healthy glow to your skin. They lighten dark spots, fill in fine lines and large pores, and add luminescence to every skin tone.


Problem: Your skin so fair that your blue veins are starting to show. Sure you aren’t a vampire?

Solution: Yellow primers directly cancel out purplish blue undertones that fair skin can’t hide. You can also use it to warm up your complexion, like a tan on demand. Be careful though! Too much and you can end up looking like you’re wearing mustard for foundation.

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