How to do Summer makeup like a boss.

It might be summer fun in the sun, but your go to foundation looks like an oil painting. Blergh! Does this sound like you? Well, ladies, you’re not alone. It seems like overkill, but, like your skin, makeup needs to adapt to weather. So, below we explore the top tips to keep you lookin’ hot when the weather gets hot and sticky.


Use a water based primer. Unless you have oily skin, silicon based primers will dry out your skin unnecessarily. A water based primer will keep your skin plump and hydrated in wilting weather.

Use a warmer, darker foundation. It’s summer. There’s sun. You’re going to get a tan, whether you like it or not (unless you want to live under a blackout umbrella). Get a foundation that matches your changing skin tone and save your lighter foundation for the winter months!

Use the right bronzer. Not everyone’s skin reacts to the sun in the same way. If you tend to turn into a bronzed goddess in the sun use a bronzer with gold undertones. If you turn red instead, get a bronzer with more pinkish undertones for a matching sun-kissed glow.

Don’t use a powder bronzer. Yes, we know it’s summer and opening up your compact to smash on the bronzer seems like a brilliant idea, but, babe, it’s a powder. Powders make your skin look and feel drier. Think about hydrating your skin by using a cream based bronzer with SPF.

Keep the foundation light. Don’t make the mistake of using a heavy foundation (definitely not cream!) during summer. Chances are you’re going to get hot and sticky at some point and a heavy foundation is only going to look heavier, oilier and cake up. Stick to sheer foundations, or even tinted moisturizers to get that light, dewy look.

Avoid setting with powder. I’m the same. The default go to setting agent is a trusty powder. But during the summer months, that extra warmth just helps the foundation reabsorb it. What you end up with is extra thick caking. Let your skin breathe! After applying a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer, try blotting your T-zone to set.

Now you’re ready to match your summer beach bod with the perfect summer beach face!

Let us know what you’re up to in summer and any other summer makeup tips you use to keep it gorgeously light! Who knows? Freebies might be in play!

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