10 Foods to Smear on Your Face

I’ve spent a lifetime defending myself for the slobby way I eat. It’s not that I completely miss my mouth. It’s that sometimes, because food is so very delish, it just doesn’t all fit into my too small gob. Damn my genes. But now I find that there are some foods that are beneficial to the health of the skin on your face.
So, whether it’s to find a natural and organic way to take care of your skin, or you’re like me and you just want an excuse for when mum complains about food that didn’t make it all the way inside your mouth, here’s 10 foods that are good to smear on your face.
1. Coconut Oil
The almighty virgin coconut oil! We’ve talked about it before, but coconuts have, for centuries, been the ultimate in natural skincare. Today we see them in all sorts of moisturizing products. Use virgin coconut oil directly on your skin as a light moisturizer, or mix 1 part with 2 parts granulated sugar for a delicious scrub. Either way, you’re going to smell yummy!
2. Eggs
We’ve talked about how eggs are magic for your hair before, but the same applies to your face. Egg whites, like snail mucus, cleanse and tighten your skin. Egg yolks make a rich moisturizer. Together, like Batman and Robin, you get a super mask. Whisk an egg until it’s creamy and apply it to your face. Let it dry for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water. Voila!
3. Baking Soda
Baking soda. What can’t it do? It’s great as a toothpaste, a kitchen cleaner, in cooking, and now, as a amazing exfoliator. Just mix a few drops of distilled water with baking soda to form a paste. Not only is it great for healing skin, stopping breakouts and acne, but it’s super duper cheap. You can even mix with your regular cleanser, for when you need that extra kick.
4. Lemon Juice
Not only is lemon juice great for cleansing and brightening your face, but who doesn’t love to smell lemony fresh?! Store them in the fridge and, when needed, cut one in half and rub it onto your face for 5 minutes. Feels good doesn’t it?
5. Honey
Honey is often used as a binder in DIY facial mask and scrub recipes, but on it’s own it’s still pretty darn good. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, and moisturizing properties make it a great mask.
6. Bananas
Now you have another way to use overripe bananas. Bananas are great moisturizer for all skin types. Their yellow undertone brightens dull skin, and they also taste good! Mix honey and mashed bananas into a thick paste, apply onto your face and leave for 10 minutes. You’re welcome.
7. Oats
People have known about how great oats are for your skin for ages. Oat moisturizers, exfoliators, scrubs and masks are everywhere. And there’s good reason. Oats are great for soothing sunburnt skin, and are a gentle enough scrub to make even the most sensitive skin smooth and glowy. Crush some oats and mix with water or milk to form a paste, and scrub away!
8. Yogurt
Yogurt really is a complete dairy food for your face. The active ingredient in yogurt is lactic acid, which helps freshen and exfoliate. The rest moisturizes and lightens your complexion. Keep it in the fridge for a soothing mask.
9. Almonds
Almonds are a tasty wonder nut. Grind them up and mix with milk (almond milk!) or water to make a thick paste. If the almonds feel a dry because they’ve been sitting in the pantry for a while, try with yogurt instead. It makes a great scrub to exfloliate, cleanse and moisturize your face.
10. Strawberries
Strawberries are the ultimate face freshener. They brighen your skin, cleanse dirt and oil from your face, and are packed with anti-oxidants. You can cut one in half and rub it directly onto your face, or mash them up, add some honey and apply it as a wash off mask.
Too lazy to do it yourself? Me too! That’s why we have this new, super yummy and storable strawberry and black sugar wash off mask from Skinfood.
What other DIY skincare tricks do you use with food? Leave them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “10 Foods to Smear on Your Face

  1. Yummy! For some reason this post just made me really hungry. I love natural masks that you can put together yourself, especially with honey and a bit of lemon. Great combination. I didn’t know yogurt would have such a positive effect though, as I tend to get a lot of blemishes from eating yogurt. Great blog by the way, very interesting articles. Will definitely be checking out the Korean Beauty Products post too.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, sometimes you just want to do it yourself, you know how crazy some of the ingredients in masks can get these days. That being said, Korean Beauty Products are the bomb! You’ll love ’em!

      I may be interested, sounds interesting! Keep in mind that, while I love to write about beauty stuffs, this blog is attached to my store, which kind of goes hand in hand. If that’s OK then you can definitely reach out to me at hello@mybff.shop!



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