6 Makeup Trends to Rock in 2017

This is the year of Instagram and the beauty blogger.
Rejoice! Us amateur makeup dabblers are now equal to the intimidating conformity of high fashion. So, it’s no surprise that 2017 is going to be a year of polar opposites.
Natural and subtle? So in.
Glitter, gold and blush? Rock it!
So without further ado here are 6 trends we predict for 2017 from both ends of the spectrum:

1. Glossy Lids

MAC editorials have been showing these babies off for ages, but to do them IRL? An impractical sticky mess. That is, until 2017. Big brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC and Kevyn Aucoin are now releasing actual eye glosses. You could still use your fave lip gloss over your eye shadow for that 15 minutes of super-glam. Totes worth all the sticky clumping afterwards, yeah! (Psst. Neat trick, is use very little gloss and avoid the crease! You’re welcome)

2. 80s Throwback

They say everything comes back into fashion eventually. Not long ago, big blue eye shadow, neon pink blush and hair teased to within an inch of it’s life was the sign of some serious issues. Now it’s all the rage again. Time to ask mum for some makeup tips…

3. Going all-in with blush

Who needs bronzer anyway?! This year you’re going to be going through compact after compact of blush. Whether you plaster it onto your face like you’re at a throwback Bee Gees disco , or power blend it all the way up to the temples and onto the lid, it’s all good. Blush, in 2017 it’s all about “the more the merrier”.

4. Subtle Metallic

I’ll always love a bit of metallic rose gold on the lid, and that’s not going to go away. But in 2017, it will take a back seat. This year, keep it to subtle highlights on the cheekbones, or the inner eyelids. Stay classy, ladies.


The GLITTER monster is still going strong on Instagram! And so it is in 2017 that we’re going to start finding less precise ways to apply it to our faces. Smash it onto the bottom lid and allow the fallout to lie where it may like when you cry you happen to cry glitter. Or, do the same thing with your lips! Maybe don’t do it with both…

6. Classic Red Lips


My favorite go to look for all time in the universe to infinity. It’s always going to be classically gorgeous, but in 2017, it’s particularly in. As I’ve always said, it’s eyes or lips, never both, and who doesn’t love luscious red lips? Keep the brows groomed and wear them with nude or even no makeup! (Pro tip! Teeth aren’t white enough to wear red lips? Brush your teeth with charcoal for 5 minutes (dead serious), rinse, then protect your teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline)
What are your go to looks going to be in 2017?
We’d love to hear them! Leave em in the comments below!

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