2 Ways You Need to Do your Nails this Year

We gotta talk about nails, girl.
I love mine, but they are most neglected part of our beauty regimes (or mine, at least). It’s because we only have them done once a week or so, isn’t it? But they are one of the most durable and creative ways to add a bit of pizzazz to your life. Whereas you can only wear so much makeup on your face before you start looking ridiculous and out of place, with nails, anything goes!
Yes, even this (apparently this was a thing last year?)
With an infinite number of ways you could decorate them, how do you choose?! I’m going to show you a couple of nail art techniques that are going to explode in popularity this year. Just make sure that your local salon has the right materials and skill to offer these.
Nail polish at the ready, ladies!

Making a statement with your nails.

Text art has existed since the first printing press, but if there was one year to make a statement, this is it. Personal, social or, especially, political (@womensmarch #immigrant #thankyousally). Plus, there’s that bonus where you can tell someone to “talk to the hand” and really mean it.

#glassnails to 3D nails

This one originated from Park Eun Kyung, otherwise known as the Korean goddess of nail art (and Korean nail artists are scary good at it). In 2016, she invented a way to make your nails look like shattered glass (hint: it involves crinkly silver lolly wrappers). It went viral with the #glassnails hashtag. Since then it’s progressed, naturally, as other artists have added their own flavor to it. Next there was rainbow geometric nails, then marble nails, and precious stone nails. Now we’re getting 3D nails.
While 3D accessories now give us unlimited possibilites, try not to go too over the top. Do you really want this?
Have you got some amazing nails? Show us below in comments! I’d love to see!

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