Hyaluronic Acid. Why your skin loves it

Hyaluronic Acid. Sounds freaking scary. It reminds me of Breaking Bad. You know… The whole dissolving bodies in acid vats kind of thing. Urgh…
These days, it’s everywhere as the star ingredient in lots of skin care products. From face masks to serums to night creams. But you don’t want to be thinking that you’re putting body dissolving acid onto your face, right? So here’s why hyaluronic acid isn’t as scary as it sounds.
In fact, it’s pretty great!

What is it?

The New York Times calls it a clear, sugary goo, but it isn’t a new or even novel product. Our bodies have synthesize around 5g of it a day to lubricate our joints and even our eyeballs. Skin doctors called it a miracle ingredient for years because it holds 1000x it’s weight in water. But, for a long time, that came with it’s own set of problems. It was too big to penetrate the skin.
No longer! Makers of skin care products have found ways to pair hyaluronic acid with smaller molecules that can mpenetrate and nourish skin.

Why use it?

As you get older, your skin naturally loses moisture. The sun, wind and smoking doesn’t help either. Hyaluronic acid helps to replenish this lost moisture. Clinical studies have shown that this clear, sugary goo has a massive positive effect on skin in as little as two weeks. There’s even research from Stanford that it could help stimulate collagen growth (the protein that forms your skin)!
So what are you waiting for?!

How do I get my hands on it?!

Hyaluronic acid isn’t something that you can just “get” in pure form. But, it wasn’t that long ago that you could only get it in “super high end” moisturizers that cost hundreds of dollars for a 30g tub. But those days are long gone and these days you can find it in lots of skin care products!
One of the easiest ways to test it’s benefits is using a face mask that uses a hyaluronic acid solution. They’re cheap, and, if you don’t like it, you can give away the rest of the packs with zero risk of contamination. The best thing about face masks that use hyaluronic acid? They usually contain a concentrated amount of it because they’re designed for intensive use over 20 minutes.
In fact, here are three of our own face masks that contain hyaluronic acid!


Do you use hyaluronic acid already? Let us know how your skin’s going with it! Leave a comment below.


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