Eat your way to healthy skin with these 10 Essential Foods

I love food. I bet you do too. But did you know that what you put in your mouth can have a direct impact on the health of your skin? Like any organ in your body, eat right and it’ll reward you. Don’t and you’ll suffer. And right now, with the growing trend in using less makeup, flawless skin is a must.
So, rather than sticking more makeup on to cover those dark spots, how about chowing you way to healthy skin with these 10 essential foods.


Dark Chocolate

Yes! So there IS an excuse to eat more of my favorite confection. Turns out that the dark chocolate contains lots of antioxidants called flavonols. Eating two squares of dark chocolate a day can increase the brightness of your skin.


Greek yogurt is packed with protein and is the best source of dairy to keep your skin smooth and firm. Yoghurt also works great as a soothing mask for dry, sensitive and irritated skin!


Pomegranates are tart, yummy and full of polyphenol antioxidants. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice or eat one whole pomegranate a day to boost blood flow to the skin. This gives you a rosy complexion as well as help fight the damage free radicals can cause.


I like to think of these as the wrinkly, wierd looking, king of the nuts. Not only do they come loaded with minerals, like copper, but they’re a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. This helps collagen production and increase skin elasticity. Ground walnuts mixed with yoghurt is also an AMAZING DIY exfoliante (seriously, I use it at home).

Bell Peppers

This also applies to any veggie orange or yellow, like carrots and pumpkins, but bell peppers are cool because they come in lots of colors. They’re filled with carotenoids, which helps reduce wrinkles, especially around the eyes and helps protect against sun damage.

Sunflower Seeds

I love carrying these around as a healthy snack along with dried cranberries and walnuts. Which is good! Because these are full of Vitamin E, a well known essential fatty acid that helps keep your skin supple.


The primary bean in hummus (I love hummus!) is also a great bean for your skin! Who’da thunkit! Keep blemishes and acne away by loading up on Zinc, and chickpeas have the most Zinc out of any bean.


Soy milk, tofu, edamame beans! Eat or drink a cup of soy a day for a clearer complexion. Studies have shown that soy intake directly reduces hyperpigmentation.


OK, hear me out. Oats are filling and high in fibre, steel cut oats especially so. They keep your blood sugar stable, which is important because studies have shown that when your blood sugar spikes you can develop wrinkles. When mixed with a little milk they make an amazing, healing mask. So, maybe we should start appreciating this boring food a little more?

Green Tea

You can apply this to white tea as well as green tea extract, but green tea is packed full of antioxidants. In particular an antioxidant called EGCG, which both helps fight redness and inflammation.

That’s it for now! What foods do you guys eat for skin health! I’m sure there’s more, let me know in the comments below!

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