5 reasons why YOU need a konjac sponge


They look like a cupcake that’s lost it’s top. But they don’t really taste like one. Trust me, I know. Even though we call Konjac Sponges, sponges, they are really a potato-like vegetable. Japanese people still eat them.
Taking care of our skin is a growing concern these days. There’s lots out there that does that for us. Some things rotate. Some of them oscillate. Some of them buzz. None of them have been used for thousands of years though.
And it’s no wonder. These 100% natural, squishy skincare miracle blobs are packed with vitamins, including A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E, as well as proteins, lipids, fatty acids and minerals like copper, zinc, iron and magnesium, which you don’t lose through the freeze drying production process.
I’ve been using one daily and my skin now has a noticeable glow to it! And my acne seems to have subsided.
Still not convinced? Here are 5 other reasons to buy into a konjac sponge today.


Fight that acne

Got acne? I know how embarassing it can be, and, like me, you’ve probably tried every remedy under the sun! While some people or more sensitive than other, the basic triggers for acne are always the same. Bacteria, dirt, white and blackheads, and excessive oil are perfect ingredients for a juicy zit to form.
Konjac sponges are naturally antibacterial and pH balancing, and it’s flexible fibrous makeup makes it ideal to deeply cleanse skin.


Sunny complexion

Because Konjac sponges are such great and gentle exfoliators, the more you use it the more smooth and radiant you complexion is going to be!


Long Lasting Makeup

I’m like you. I look for makeup to be long lasting without considering what’s going on with the canvas it’s being put on. But since using a konjac sponge as part of my skincare regime I’ve noticed that most makeup lasts longer than it used to. Why? Well it turns out that flaky skin is not a great surface for holding onto makeup. When you apply it, it just feels dry, chalky and refuses to stick. Regular use of a konjac sponge fixes this by removing all that flaky, dead skin.


Cleanse without Drying

So you come home and you feel oily. You don’t want a break out, so you immediately break out the high powered cleanser. You’re skin feels like a brown paper bag after it, but at least it won’t break out, right? Wrong.
Harsh cleansers that dry out your skin can actually make the problem worse, as your skin attempts to rehydrate, sometimes it can overcompensate. Result? Breakout.
Konjac sponges deeply cleanse without drying out your skin. You can use it with your regular cleanser or cleansing water for an even deeper cleanse.


Sun Repair

I love a bit of time outside in the sun as much as the next non-vampire. But sometimes when you’re done, you’re all sticky from sweat mixed with that ultra high SPF waterproof sunscreen you put on. Ew… Am I right? Konjac sponges help get rid of that stubborn gunk that normal cleansing wont.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sunscreen at all (collagen breakdown ladies, it’s the devil!). But let’s say you forgot to pop some on and you’re starting to feel that warm burn you get before you turn bright tomato red. Konjac sponges are also great for sunburn! They get rid of that dead skin you accidentally cooked off and they’re so gentle that you’ll barely notice the pain. Wince.
If you can’t tell, I love konjac sponges. In fact, so much, that we’re giving them away at our store for a limited time!
Check them out here and please, let me know how you go with them in the comments below.

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