Neon Makeup Everywhere! My top 5 Instagram Looks for Inspiration

Neon makeup is blowing up on Instagram!
It seems that every two weeks or so, some new trend violently emerges from Instagram to be the next “big” thing. This week it’s neon makeup and, I gotta say, I’m sure there’s no Photoshop trickery going on, but it all looks so cray cray.
Once reserved for calling attention to “a certain colored” light districts. it’s now gracing the faces of the top makeup artists of Instagram.
Here are my top 5:


This look perfectly captures how psychedelic/beautiful neon makeup can be. I love the iridescent cowl and the neon green highlights.


So hypnotic. I love this look for the intense contrast between light and dark. The intense neon streaks add so much to what would otherwise be drab goth.




The absolute QUEEN of lips! Of course Madam Jauquet was going to get in on the action. I am SO IN LOVE with these lips! They’re sizzling, psychedelic pink sex in lights!


Those crazy neon lines, they look almost supernatural don’t they? Turn the lights off and it reminds me of Atari Centipede (geeks eat your heart out, I was a gamer too!)

Momma Fox (@imogenhearts)



Or, ya’ know, just go ham with it. Both creepy and mesmerizing. It’s hilarious that the inspiration for this was a Call of Duty map that featured zombie ravers. First thing I was thinking when I saw this was… Where are her eyes?! Yeah… You too, huh?
Now that we’re all inspired up, who’s ready to put this on their face?




Let us know what other neon makeup inspirations you’ve come across in comments below!

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