7 Beauty & Style Lessons from Jackie Kennedy

He’s caustic, rude, dishonest, and demeaning to all manner of people.
I’m talking about the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, of course. But Presidencies have not always been so troubling. There was a time when the Presidency deserved respect and his wife, adored.
The most adored of them had to be Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She continues to be an icon of style and a guide to all that is effortless, dignified and everlastingly fashionable.
When I look back at her life, there were 8 lessons I found for presenting yourself in public life.


1. Sometimes a simple cleansing regime is better


While the first lady was blessed with a luminous complexion, it wasn’t due to a 3 foot long laundry list of skincare products. In fact, she used a single product: mineralized soap. These are rich in organic minerals and salts that both exfoliate and nourish. A modern day version of this you could try is the legendary Magic Stone from April Skin.

2. Find a scent that works and stick to it



Put your hand up if you have a wardrobe cabinet full of perfumes. I know I do. I know the thinking. You rationalize it by saying they’re all for different occasions, right? But Jackie Kennedy’s guiding philosophy was to always be yourself. So, no matter the occassion, she always wore one scent: Lovely Patchouli 55 from the House of Krigler. Now, you don’t have to go and get a perfume from the most exclusive perfumery in the world. But you should find a scent that you love and wear it everywhere, because, why bend to suit the occasion? The occasion should suit you #strongwomen.

3. She pioneered eyebrows

1 a Jackie Kennedysq.jpg


Brows in 2017 are in, but over 50 years ago, Jackie Kennedy was already perfecting the brow. Constantly the perfectionist, she groomed her brows meticulously. People look at brows and they are one of the fastest ways to determine whether a person is a slob or well-organized. Jackie Kennedy was always well organized. A product like the Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil is great as an all in one solution to grooming, filling and nourishing your brows.

4. Always present yourself with an air of effortlessness



Long before Paris Hilton made hangover sunnies trashy, Jackie Kennedy was using them to substitute for a lack of time. Those days when your hair just won’t stay down, and you haven’t got the time put on a full face of makeup, instead of trying to smash it on and possibly lose some dignity do what she did. Wrap a scarf over your head and don a pair of fashionably large sunglasses for that morning brunch. Never appear flustered again.

5. Invest in a powerful moisturizer



Not saying you have slather your face with every cream under the sun. Just find a really good one, and stick to it. While Jackie Kennedy did age gracefully, her habit of smoking took a toll on her skin. To keep her complexion youthful and radiant she only ever relied on one moisturizer. As is the case with anything. The higher the quality the less subsitutes you need to make. For example, the legendary True Cream Aqua Bomb from Belif gives deep hydration without breaking the bank, and has been around forever.

6. Focus on the lips



Again, while red lipsticks have come back into vogue in 2017, Jackie Kennedy was rocking it over 50 years ago. She really was ahead of her time, and her lesson of treating lipstick as a fashion accessory continues to be a guiding principle today. To keep in simply stylish choose a lipstick shade to fit your dress. There’s no need to get all fancy with the eyeshadow. Try the NARS range of audacious lipsticks for sophisticated, creamy and high impact lip colors.

7. Less is more



This is probably the most important lesson from Jackie Kennedy’s legacy of style. She never went over the top. She never used any extravagant products. She stuck to a few high quality products that suited her, and maximized her natural features. She never succumbed to short lived trends, and she was always herself, not trying to be someone else. Style doesn’t need to be complicated and Jackie Kennedy Onassis proved why.
That’s all for this post! What other style lessons have you learned from the first lady and what do you think about the ones we’ve talked about here? Leave your comments below!

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