Why Asian Women Never Age

Have you ever tried to guess the age of an Asian woman? It’s often not easy, right? Asian skin appears ageless a lot of the time. But it isn’t genetic pot luck. As Korean skincare products become more and more popular people are becoming aware that it isn’t only the French that have serious skincare chops. Asian’s also have a trick or two up their sleeves.

For some age old (and some not so old) secrets behind why Asian women never seem to age, read on!

  1. Turmeric Everything


I can’t even find a way to use this in cooking most of the time. It just sits in my spice cabinet to impress my mother in law in case she wanders into the kitchen.

But now I have a reason to own it. Lots of it! Whether ingesting moundfuls of it or slathering on my face, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that reduces skin inflamation. It also contains lots of manganese, which is like Red Bull for collagen production.

Try including it in a home made honey yogurt mask, or incorporating it into a lemon and ginger chicken dinner.

  1. Collagen is Life


Collagen. It’s the stuff that your skin is built on. Instead of just repairing it like most creams aim to do, Asian women haven taken it upon themselves to also boost it’s production.

Whether it’s drinking it, swallowing it or eating it (yes, eating it), Asian women make taking collagen a part of daily life.

Little known fact, red fruits & papaya boost collagen production. Time to pull out that fruit salad recipe.

  1. Ditch the European for the Korean


The old dermatological houses of Europe have gotten old, stuffy and haven’t innovated in years. There are still amazing products from there, but many of them are simply expensive emulsions.

Koreans are driving skincare trends these days. At a fraction of the price of high end French serums, they’re innovative, both in design and composition and add new and effective ways to take care of your skin.

Don’t know what to try from the multitude of wierd and wonderful world of K-Beauty? Start with adding a face mask to your daily skincare regime, they’re cheap, effective and, a lot of times, really fun to use.

  1. Eat by Color


We love our fish and chips, and fried chicken, but our skin doesn’t. Most East Asian cultures don’t feature fried foods as much as say, American or Australian culture does.

So what do Asian women eat to maintain that glowing complexion? Turns out they pack lots of grains, fruits and vegetables into their diet. There isn’t a lot of consumption of red meat and a greater prevalence of fish. Also, the drink of choice is usually green tea, coconut water or a fresh fruit juice.

If it sounds like a big jump to move from beer, fried chicken and chips, try to remember this rule: the more colors there are in your meal the more balanced your diet!

  1. Sun is the Enemy


One thing I noticed as an Asian in Australia is the difference in what’s considered beautiful skin. Australian’s, by and large, preferred to be deeply bronzed. Asians, especially those not born there, prefer to be porcelain.

There are a whole bunch of cultural reasons for this that I won’t get into, but recent research into skin health shows that having porcelain skin isn’t such a bad idea. It turns out that, while getting a tan on the beach, your is collagen breaking down as your skin slowly “cooks”. This is, actually, really bad for skin health.

In places like China, Japan, and Thailand women wear sunscreen all day, every day, even in cloudy weather. It’s not uncommon for them to not go out during the hottest times of the day between 10AM and 4PM.

To protect the health of your skin apply SPF50 sunscreen to your face and exposed skin during the day.

That’s it for today’s beauty tips! They’re pretty basic, but following these 5 steps is a great first step towards becoming ageless.

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have your own beauty tips you follow for that flawless complexion!


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