My favorite eye makeup tips to make you look like you know what you’re doing.

Looking fab ain’t always easy. Especially when you have no idea whether what you’re doing is right (pretty much most of the time). So, when I came across these makeup tips that help you make the most of your eyes I had to share them!

Eye shape, brows, lids and lashes, I got you covered! Now there’s no excuse to go out looking like you’ve used a Homer Simpson made makeup gun.

Use multiple layers of mascara for that extra “boost”! Sometimes I even use 3 layers.
Raise your brow.


For a smokey look to an existing color start with a black base.
For longer lasting and more vibrant eyeshadows start with a white base!
Use your inner lash line! It can make a world of difference.
What kind of eye shape are you?
White liners are the bomb! If you get any one do-it-all product a shimmery white liner has to be it.
Use light pressure on the crease, medium pressure on the lid for natural shading.
Some inspo for you!
Wanna be pro at applying eyeliner? Start with dots and then connect them together with an eyeliner brush for a smooth straight light.
How eyeliner can change your eye shape.
The perfect lash curl!
Getting an eye lift without surgery!
THIS is how you apply eye makeup. Don’t look straight ahead, rather tilt your head up and look down into a mirror. This makes your lid tight reducing the chance of ugly creases when applying.


Got any eye makeup tips of your own! Share them in the comments below, and who knows, we may feature you in our next spot!

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