Ombre Lip Inspirations

I’m going to be completely honest guys. Yes, I do have a Pinterest account. No, I have no idea how to use it. I know, right?! It’s pretty much a given if you’re a beauty blogger.

It’s such serendipity then that my love of makeup led me to explore the kaleidoscopic picture book that is Pinterest! As you guys who have read my stuff before know, I am a lips lover (hrm, that didn’t come out right). And while looking for lipspiration I came across some amazing ombre lips.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what that means I really recommend checking this video out. Ombre lips, bae!

I’ll be trying these out later but before I do that, I thought I’d share my favorite 8 with you!

1. Byzantium Metal

I had to look this shade of purple up. Seriously. Google it. It’s so hypnotizing. I’m pretty sure vampire goddesses wore this about a hundred years ago before they went snacking on some equally hypnotized… meal.

Amazing Ombre Lip Looks picture 5

2. Starlight

Iridescent and dark like the night sky. I love these lips as much as staring up into the milky way. Which, to be honest, I don’t do enough of, but I will tonight!

Perfect Ombre Lip Styles picture 5

3. Sparkly Pink!

All the shades of pink plus glitter. What’s not to love?!

Ombre Lips Makeup Step by Step picture 3

4. Dark to Light

I love these lips so much. It’s super unique. I mean, sure, you can make your top lip dark and your bottom lip light. But blending it down to your bottom lip so it looks like it’s one big ombre shade? Genius.

Cute Ombre Lips to Inspire You picture 2

5. Fusion Korean

I call this one Fusion Korean because Korean’s love the dark inner, light outer lips look, and this is like that… except if your lips also decided to also take acid at the same time.

Trendy Ombre Lips Makeup picture 2

6. Oh my!

Image result for wow emoji ’nuff said.

Trendy Ombre Lips Makeup picture 1

7. The Sea At Night

This reminds me of that scene in Life of Pi where the water lights up at night and a whale emerges from the deep. Don’t know what I mean? watch this. In the film it’s a tragic but, also such a beautiful moment.

Fancy Lip Ombre Ideas picture 3

8. Roses are Red

I mean. It’s just obvious, right? Imagine the ruby red lip color that you love to wear out the most. Then give it steroids. Voila! You get this.

Fancy Lip Ombre Ideas picture 1

Beauty Trends 2017 (Scientifically Accurate!)

And I’m baaaaack!
I’m so sorry for the much too long lay away ladies! It’s been so hectic around here, what with all the planning for… well, I’ll keep it a surprise until it happens 😉
For my first post back I thought we’d have a look at beauty trends in general.
In the last couple of months, while I’ve been away Google and Facebook have released two reports about beauty trends in 2017 that have been getting quite a bit of attention (mmmmmm).
But, who has time to read massive reports, right?
So, I’ve done that for you and distilled it down to one handy infographic for you to munch on!
Nomnomnom away my pretties!


#ColorfulHair is Trending. My Top 10.

We talked about color making a comeback with 80s style makeup before, right? Well it seems like this trend ain’t stopping at the upper brow bone. #ColorfulHair is trending and it isn’t just stopping at the red streaks your rebellious teen self wore in the early 2000s as a big screw you to your parents. Hologrammatic, multi-shaded and pastels, hair artists like Matthew Collins, Reuben Wood, & Jamie Gomez are doing some amazing things.
I’ve picked out 10 of my favorite looks on Instagram, check them out!
What do you guys think? Found any looks you guys like? I’d love to see them in the comments below!

#MemeMakeup is taking over Twitter Ermahgerd!

I guess this was bound to happen at some point. Meme’s are our generation’s pictographs. They communicate that “look” without actually writing anything. So, of course they made their way onto our faces… And then back onto the Twittersphere where all memes naturally live.
Normally, I’d say, yay, #makeup #inspiration! But, by the time you apply these to your face they’ll probably be irrelevant.
So for the next 3 seconds (I think that’s the normal lifespan of a trend on Twitter, maybe?) simply enjoy my #MemeMakeup favorites!

Salt Bae

7 Trends Makeup Pros are looking out for in 2017

Did you know there is like this secret club of the best makeup artists in the world? Yeah, I didn’t know either.

It’s called the Makeup Show, and they hold shows five times a year in NY, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and LA. New products are announced, the best in the business are present and makeup artists around the world generally go nuts. But, for a long time, makeup lovers who aren’t highly credentialed pros, like ourselves, have been mostly shut out of the event.

That is, until last Tuesday.

In New York, makeup mavens James Vincent & Danessa Myricks unveiled the Makeup Show Trend Report. Streamed live for the world to see, they predicted the top makeup trends for the coming year, and showcased new launches and old favorites.

Wanna get the inside scoop?!

Here’s the Makeup Show’s top trends for 2017.

1. Seasons? What seasons?

Everything is moving faster these days with Instagram now driving trends and forcing brands to adapt. What you see on social media now, more often than not, ends up on a cat walk the next week.

2. Eye Gloss is Legit

I keep harping on about eye gloss being hard to maintain, but apparently James Vincent thinks there’s no need, “take a finger and pop it on from crease to lash and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about maintaining it, because people expect it to be smudgy and effortless.” Well, there you go…

3. Do it all pigments

I used to laugh at people who used all in one products like “Thin Lizzy” (urgh…) but, in 2017 new products are coming out now that completely disregard this. Take, for instance, Danessa Myrick’s own Cream Colors line. They’re essentially tubes of pigment that you can use on any area of the face. Foundation, blush, highlight, eye shadow, you name it. It can go there.

4. Instagram Makeup is Officially Too Much

Vincent kept going back to how over the top Instagram makeup has gotten. One of his pet peeves was the intense contouring. Instead, this year’s trend (or maybe just the trend makeup artists are pushing against Instagram) is for natural & radiant skin. Vincent recommends putting on blush before layering foundation on top (ooooh… That’s new) and, instead of trying to drag down a line of contour, use a large fan brush to tap under the cheek until you can just see a curve happening.

5. Too much foundation

Myricks and Vincent were hating on Instagram quite a bit during this event. Another of their pet peeves was people guzzling their foundations. Vincent recommended more sheer coverage by starting with a heavier coverage cream foundation around the T-zone and blending out from there (without adding any more, that is). The best way to use less foundation is proper care and use of products before the application of foundation, he said. I’m guessing that means it’s time to pull out that primer you keep forgetting.

6. Layered Blush & Highlights

Ooooh, fancy! Pro makeup artists are now differentiating themselves from Instagram makeup artists by using multiple shades of blush and highlight. Vincent recommends pinks and reds on the apples of the cheeks blended with corals and peaches towards the temples. Myricks recommends making use of bronzer in a more nuanced way by applying it to the whole cheek which reserving the really shiny stuff to edge the top of the cheek bone. I guess the overall trend is for more nuance?

7. Big bold lips are back in!

I’ve always loved big bold lips and both Myricks and Vincent agree! They’re back in! Last year it was all about matte textures and nude lips. This year, stains, tints, lacquers and sticks are gunna get a work out and it’s not just reds. Myricks said people are going to embrace the “spectrum of color like never before”. That means oranges, pinks, purples and even blues are A-OK. Sounds good to me! Now… Where was that neon orange lip lacquer I left lying about…

That’s it for this blog! Let us know if you agree with the Makeup Show in the comments below. Are there trends you see that they haven’t talked about? Do you just hate one or more of the trends they talked about here? I’d love to know!

Neon Makeup Everywhere! My top 5 Instagram Looks for Inspiration

Neon makeup is blowing up on Instagram!
It seems that every two weeks or so, some new trend violently emerges from Instagram to be the next “big” thing. This week it’s neon makeup and, I gotta say, I’m sure there’s no Photoshop trickery going on, but it all looks so cray cray.
Once reserved for calling attention to “a certain colored” light districts. it’s now gracing the faces of the top makeup artists of Instagram.
Here are my top 5:


This look perfectly captures how psychedelic/beautiful neon makeup can be. I love the iridescent cowl and the neon green highlights.


So hypnotic. I love this look for the intense contrast between light and dark. The intense neon streaks add so much to what would otherwise be drab goth.




The absolute QUEEN of lips! Of course Madam Jauquet was going to get in on the action. I am SO IN LOVE with these lips! They’re sizzling, psychedelic pink sex in lights!


Those crazy neon lines, they look almost supernatural don’t they? Turn the lights off and it reminds me of Atari Centipede (geeks eat your heart out, I was a gamer too!)

Momma Fox (@imogenhearts)



Or, ya’ know, just go ham with it. Both creepy and mesmerizing. It’s hilarious that the inspiration for this was a Call of Duty map that featured zombie ravers. First thing I was thinking when I saw this was… Where are her eyes?! Yeah… You too, huh?
Now that we’re all inspired up, who’s ready to put this on their face?




Let us know what other neon makeup inspirations you’ve come across in comments below!

My 5 Favorite Looks from the Grammys 2017

The Grammy’s is music’s night of nights. Not only is it a time to reflect on the past year’s hits, but, it’s also a night to find out what outrageous outfits celebrities have decided to strut upon the red carpet! That’s at least as, if not more, entertaining for me than the award proceedings.

So without further ado here are my 5 favorite looks from the Grammys 2017!

Congrats! Adele

And the winner of record of the year goes to… Adele! True, Beyonce was equally deserving with her groundbreaking album Lemonade, but, hey, neither of them deserved to lose. If only you could award ties… Wait… You can! How gracious was she to give the other half of the award she went Hulk-smash on to Beyonce, right?


Kat Graham

Kat Graham doesn’t need to do anything. She’s a smart (speaks 5 languages), powerful, triple threat woman. So she could have worn no makeup and still would have shone, but, if she was going to wear any makeup to the Grammys, this was it. And she did it on her own. Just look at those shimmery lips. It’s unfair how talented she is… (Nah, still love ya’).



Speaking about talented women, exhibit 1: Queen Bey. Not only did she perform live at the biggest music industry event of the year. While pregnant. With twins. But she looked like a radiant gold goddess while doing it. Her makeup artist, Sir John, said her makeup design was an ode to the Gucci white dress collection in the 90s by Tom Ford. Whatever the inspiration, that night Beyonce was exactly that, an inspiration.


Laverne Cox

Woh, you go girl! Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black and Time cover fame has never been one to conform, and, why should she now? The gorgeous and dashing streak of grey outlined by black with onyx and diamante accents. Breath-taking.


Lady Gaga

Well of course she makes a statement. Lady Gaga is practically a walking statement in and of herself. Without going into whatever is going on below the neckline, above the neckline she looks as strikingly gorgeous as ever. Magenta and gold eyeshadow blended into a strong dark wing. I think that’s going to have to be a number I keep for later! Totally out there, but totally desirable, pretty much Lady Gaga.


Katy Perry

We gunna hear her roar (OK, my bad, terrible joke). Katy Perry looked decadently fierce on the red carpet for the Grammys this year. I love her with that mess of blonde, but it’s those wine red lips and dark rose gold eye shadow that tie it all together.


Special Mention: Cee-Lo Green

Yeah. I don’t know what’s going on here either. Futuristic Egyptian God Throwback? Maybe?




That’s all I got for the music industry’s night of nights in 2017! Let us know what your favorite looks were in the comments below!