Celebrate #EarthDay with Organic Masks

Earth day is all about looking after the environment. It’s important because not doing so not only harms ourselves, but also future generations. We already use too many chemicals in our daily lives and we’re exposed to so many through pollution.

But that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves go. So let’s celebrate how the environment nourishes us and pamper ourselves this #EarthDay with 3 of my favorite entirely organic wash off masks from Skinfood! Not only do they smell and feel great, but you will be amazed how good you feel afterwards.

This Black Sugar and Manuka Honey mixture is super effective and smells like something Winnie-the-Pooh would want to dig into. Coarse Black Sugar provides natural exfoliation, while Manuka Honey is known as the most nourishing type of honey in the world. It’s antibacterial to help ward off pimples and soothes burnt & dry skin. Perfect for #summer!
Enter the power scrubber! Skinfood’s Roasted Black Sesame Hot Scrub. Packed with minerals and natural oils, not only does it exterminate black and white heads, but it also makes your skin feel smooth and supple after using it. Just don’t use it in the sauna. The label says it will literally overheat.
This might be my favorite wash off mask of them all. Black Sugar and Strawberry, it’s perfect for clearing blackheads and whiteheads from sensitive skin, while gently exfoliating. The real strawberry in this mask also lightens dark spots and acne scars, as well as tightens your skin. Bonus! It smells like strawberry jam too! Mmmmmm…
For everyday cleansing don’t forget our Organic Konjac Sponges. Made entirely from the root of the Konjac Plant, they’re 100% organic and biodegradable and I love how it deeply cleanses my sensitive skin without irritating it! Use with your favorite cleanser to super charge it.


That’s it for this Earth Day ladies! If you have any other organic skincare regimes and products you use I’d love to hear about them below in comments!

My Favorite Red Carpet Looks at this year’s Oscars

La la land won best picture at the Oscars last night!
No it didn’t.
These award night flubs are starting to become passe. First it was Miss Universe, now the Oscars. Anyway, as much as I love the movies, this is, of course, a beauty blog. And we wouldn’t be much of a beauty blog if we didn’t talk about the red carpet looks this year!
So without further ado, here are the nominations for the top looks at this year’s Oscars.

Emma Stone

Classic Hollywood beauty. Emma Stone was draped in gold, and with those red lips and that wave. It’s fitting for the star of La La Land.

89th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 26 Feb 2017

Jessica Biel

The one word to described Jessica Biel at the Oscars was hypnotic. Metallic dress, hair in a bun and that deep black eyeliner. It’s almost Egyptian, and who doesn’t love a Cleopatra look?



Halle Berry

OK, the only reason for the Halle Berry love is that amazing loose afro. Sigh. One wishes they could rock hair like that.
89th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 26 Feb 2017

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has made a habit of portraying evil queens of late, and I can’t say her look is much of a departure from that. That being said, if I was an evil queen, I’d want to look like that.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Emma Roberts

I haven’t seen Ms. Roberts around very much lately, but I’ll be looking up what she’s wearing more often after this! Classic bomb shell. That hair, those lips and the soft smokey? Very “Mad Men”. Love it.


Sofia Carson

Red lips are really in this year aren’t they?! Sofia Carson rocks another pair, but what I love about her look is the striking simplicity of it. The contrast between them and her very dark brown hair and perfectly manicured brows. I also love her hair accessory. Perfectly princess-like.

And the winner is?

Janelle Monae


Famous for her show stopping quiff and suits, Janelle Monae is starting to also draw critical acclaim for her work in films. In fact, a couple of them featured prominently in this year’s Oscars: Moonlight (Best Picture) and Hidden Figures. So, it seems fitting that this supremely talented human being is also our winner this year for her incredible ensemble.
Sporting an Elie Saab gown dripping in sequins and beads, one thing I loved about her makeup was how perfectly contoured she was. She reminds me of a Queen Bey at the Grammy’s-Lite.
Hey. If anyone said I was even a tiny, incy, winsy, teeny bit like Beyonce, that’d be my life complete…
And that’s it for my favorite red carpet looks at this year’s Oscars! Let me know what looks you loved! And do you agree with Moonlight being this year’s best pic? Leave a comment below!

My 5 Favorite Looks from the Grammys 2017

The Grammy’s is music’s night of nights. Not only is it a time to reflect on the past year’s hits, but, it’s also a night to find out what outrageous outfits celebrities have decided to strut upon the red carpet! That’s at least as, if not more, entertaining for me than the award proceedings.

So without further ado here are my 5 favorite looks from the Grammys 2017!

Congrats! Adele

And the winner of record of the year goes to… Adele! True, Beyonce was equally deserving with her groundbreaking album Lemonade, but, hey, neither of them deserved to lose. If only you could award ties… Wait… You can! How gracious was she to give the other half of the award she went Hulk-smash on to Beyonce, right?


Kat Graham

Kat Graham doesn’t need to do anything. She’s a smart (speaks 5 languages), powerful, triple threat woman. So she could have worn no makeup and still would have shone, but, if she was going to wear any makeup to the Grammys, this was it. And she did it on her own. Just look at those shimmery lips. It’s unfair how talented she is… (Nah, still love ya’).



Speaking about talented women, exhibit 1: Queen Bey. Not only did she perform live at the biggest music industry event of the year. While pregnant. With twins. But she looked like a radiant gold goddess while doing it. Her makeup artist, Sir John, said her makeup design was an ode to the Gucci white dress collection in the 90s by Tom Ford. Whatever the inspiration, that night Beyonce was exactly that, an inspiration.


Laverne Cox

Woh, you go girl! Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black and Time cover fame has never been one to conform, and, why should she now? The gorgeous and dashing streak of grey outlined by black with onyx and diamante accents. Breath-taking.


Lady Gaga

Well of course she makes a statement. Lady Gaga is practically a walking statement in and of herself. Without going into whatever is going on below the neckline, above the neckline she looks as strikingly gorgeous as ever. Magenta and gold eyeshadow blended into a strong dark wing. I think that’s going to have to be a number I keep for later! Totally out there, but totally desirable, pretty much Lady Gaga.


Katy Perry

We gunna hear her roar (OK, my bad, terrible joke). Katy Perry looked decadently fierce on the red carpet for the Grammys this year. I love her with that mess of blonde, but it’s those wine red lips and dark rose gold eye shadow that tie it all together.


Special Mention: Cee-Lo Green

Yeah. I don’t know what’s going on here either. Futuristic Egyptian God Throwback? Maybe?




That’s all I got for the music industry’s night of nights in 2017! Let us know what your favorite looks were in the comments below!

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