Managing Cystic Acne without a Prescription

I’ve lived with acne for the last few years. It isn’t the embarassing breakouts we live with in our high school years. It isn’t a phase that I will grow out of. For a growing number of people like me, the stresses of modern life has caused cystic acne to flare up in their 20s, 30s and even 40s.
While you can go for prescription medication, dermatologists usually leave that as a last “nuclear” resort. Dermatologists see hormonal imbalance, genetics, diet, and topical causes such as skincare and makeup as potential causes. For most it’s a combination of all the above, but hormonal imbalance seems to be a common factor among all cases.
So how do you go about rebalancing your hormones?
While topical creams, medicine, injections and laser treatments can be important treatments, so is modifying your lifestyle.

1. Diet

Salad with chicken and vegetables

One of the biggest things you can do is to change your diet. Stop consuming dairy, if at all possible, or limit yourself to clean, organic dairy products. Skip the flavored milks and processed cheeses. Limit the amount of red meat you consume and try to find hormone and anti-biotic free poultry. Fish and seafood is a great source of protein. Try drinking alkaline water, cut out the alcohol and take a daily probiotic.

2. Clean your skin


It’s surprising how much the skin on our faces is exposed to. So, it’s no wonder that regular cleaning can really help reduce acne flareups. Shower immediately when you get home, especially if you’ve gotten all sweaty from a hot summer day. Make sure your pores remain clean and clear. Regularly wash your hair as well, especially if it is long, and allow it to dry before going to bed. You don’t want to encourage bacteria with a warm wet place to breed (ew). Finally, something that a lot of people overlook is to make sure your pillow case and sheets are clean by not eating in bed and not going to sleep with makeup on.

3. Get a peel


When battling acne, make sure you team up with a skincare specialist to devise the right regime for you. The wrong regime can make it worse. Peels containing retinoids or glycolic acid can also help acne. They are like a turbo clean for your skin.

4. Take some time for yourself


This is probably my biggest problem. As I said above, hormonal imbalance is a common factor in all adult acne. Stress can have a major effect on your hormones and usually for the worse. So if you’re feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, there’s a reason you look worse for wear. Take some time for yourself. Without your health and wellbeing, all the money in the world can’t help you, nor your skin.
Whatever you choose to do dermatologists warn not to wait until your acne becomes severe before seeing them. Often, it can be contained with early intervention, and there are techniques that can be performed to lessen scarring.
That’s it for today’s helpful post! If you have any other tips for managing acne, I would love to hear them below in the comments, or even try a few myself!

Mario Badescu almost causes a breakup

Who tf is mario badescu?!
That cracks me up so much.
Mario Badescu, legendary skin care makers, famed for fixing break outs, now also famed for almost causing a breakup!
The real Mario Badescu founded the salon and formulated the products that now bear his name. But he died over 30 years ago.
Cut to the present day and thousands of people swear by his products. This includes one anonymous Twitter user who’s love for Mario Badescu may have been taken the wrong way by her boyfriend…
It’s somewhat understandable. If you don’t know a thing about the skincare world then gushing about names like Peter Thomas Roth and Erno Laszlo could sound like a debonair gentleman interloper.
Either way, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this (I’m doing a bit of both, actually). Read this, you’ll know what I mean.
Hilarious, right? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Taking a Hot Bath is like doing Exercise

Ladies, this is not click bait.
OK, it’s a little click bait-y, but, seriously. This is straight-up the laziest way ever to burn calories.
We all want to live healthier lives, but, you know how it is. Not everybody wants to get out of their ugg boots for a jog during their downtime. The solution? Taking a hot bath. No joke.
A study at Loughborough University looked at the effect a hot bath had on blood sugar contral and calories burned compared to, say, a bike ride.
What they found was that sitting in a hot bath for an hour burned as many calories as a half hour walk.
They also found a 10% increase in blood sugar control and a reduction in inflammation.
If you don’t believe me read the study for yourself here.
So, do you remember in school, one of the basics of staying healthy was to go for a 20 minute walk per day? Well, you can forget the trainers and the bottled water.
Grab a towel, light some candles and jump in. I’m already there!


Are you excited about more excuses to take a hot bath? Let us know in the comments below!

Why Asian Women Never Age

Have you ever tried to guess the age of an Asian woman? It’s often not easy, right? Asian skin appears ageless a lot of the time. But it isn’t genetic pot luck. As Korean skincare products become more and more popular people are becoming aware that it isn’t only the French that have serious skincare chops. Asian’s also have a trick or two up their sleeves.

For some age old (and some not so old) secrets behind why Asian women never seem to age, read on!

  1. Turmeric Everything


I can’t even find a way to use this in cooking most of the time. It just sits in my spice cabinet to impress my mother in law in case she wanders into the kitchen.

But now I have a reason to own it. Lots of it! Whether ingesting moundfuls of it or slathering on my face, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that reduces skin inflamation. It also contains lots of manganese, which is like Red Bull for collagen production.

Try including it in a home made honey yogurt mask, or incorporating it into a lemon and ginger chicken dinner.

  1. Collagen is Life


Collagen. It’s the stuff that your skin is built on. Instead of just repairing it like most creams aim to do, Asian women haven taken it upon themselves to also boost it’s production.

Whether it’s drinking it, swallowing it or eating it (yes, eating it), Asian women make taking collagen a part of daily life.

Little known fact, red fruits & papaya boost collagen production. Time to pull out that fruit salad recipe.

  1. Ditch the European for the Korean


The old dermatological houses of Europe have gotten old, stuffy and haven’t innovated in years. There are still amazing products from there, but many of them are simply expensive emulsions.

Koreans are driving skincare trends these days. At a fraction of the price of high end French serums, they’re innovative, both in design and composition and add new and effective ways to take care of your skin.

Don’t know what to try from the multitude of wierd and wonderful world of K-Beauty? Start with adding a face mask to your daily skincare regime, they’re cheap, effective and, a lot of times, really fun to use.

  1. Eat by Color


We love our fish and chips, and fried chicken, but our skin doesn’t. Most East Asian cultures don’t feature fried foods as much as say, American or Australian culture does.

So what do Asian women eat to maintain that glowing complexion? Turns out they pack lots of grains, fruits and vegetables into their diet. There isn’t a lot of consumption of red meat and a greater prevalence of fish. Also, the drink of choice is usually green tea, coconut water or a fresh fruit juice.

If it sounds like a big jump to move from beer, fried chicken and chips, try to remember this rule: the more colors there are in your meal the more balanced your diet!

  1. Sun is the Enemy


One thing I noticed as an Asian in Australia is the difference in what’s considered beautiful skin. Australian’s, by and large, preferred to be deeply bronzed. Asians, especially those not born there, prefer to be porcelain.

There are a whole bunch of cultural reasons for this that I won’t get into, but recent research into skin health shows that having porcelain skin isn’t such a bad idea. It turns out that, while getting a tan on the beach, your is collagen breaking down as your skin slowly “cooks”. This is, actually, really bad for skin health.

In places like China, Japan, and Thailand women wear sunscreen all day, every day, even in cloudy weather. It’s not uncommon for them to not go out during the hottest times of the day between 10AM and 4PM.

To protect the health of your skin apply SPF50 sunscreen to your face and exposed skin during the day.

That’s it for today’s beauty tips! They’re pretty basic, but following these 5 steps is a great first step towards becoming ageless.

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have your own beauty tips you follow for that flawless complexion!


18 Beauty Memes for when You Just Can’t…

There are times in my life when I can only communicate my feels in memes. Like those times when your significant other doesn’t get the obsession with beauty products. Or when you’re communicating with someone else who loves beauty products and you need a readymade in-joke.
We all feel like that sometimes so here are 18 memes that I use when you just can’t…


This was actually a really funny and fun post to do! Let me know of what other memes you like to whip out regularly with your beauty inclined friends! Leave them in the comments below.


Money can’t buy happiness? Maybe you’re doing it wrong

Now there’s a new way to shop AND be happy!
Hey everybody! Sorry about the big gap between posts. I’d been feeling a bit under the weather, but I’m back now and feeling more awesome than ever!
So, talking about feeling awesome, we talk a lot about beauty products and celebrities on here. True ‘dat. But, while that’s all interesting stuff, we don’t talk a lot about how we feel about it all. Chances are most of us went through a big wallet binge over the holidays. Maybe you bought gifts for yourself, and others. Maybe you were just trying a little too hard to keep up. It’s OK, I felt pretty guilty about it as well.
They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but have you thought maybe it isn’t all that deep and philosophical? That it’s not about the craziness of consumerism getting out of control? Have you thought… Hey, maybe you’re just doing it wrong…
A 2011 study says as much. In it Elizabeth Dunn of the University of British Columbia, Daniel Gilbert of Harvard, and Timothy Wilson of the University of Virginia came up with 8 golden rules that scientifically make you more happy about spending your hard earned dosh!

Aim to buy an experience, not a thing.

This is something your grandparents told you (or your friend that keeps pitching themselves as some lifestyle guru) and there’s a lot of evidence it’s true. Don’t buy that CC cushion because you want a CC cushion. Buy that CC cushion because it makes you feel more confident.

Buy for others.

Are you feeling guilty about buying that serum that just got released? That’s OK. Because we humans are such social creatures, you can remedy that simply by buying another for your mum. She’ll love it and you’ll feel happier, it’s a win-win!


Buy many small things.

You ever done this? Saved up months to buy some impossibly expensive dress and then after you wore it once you thought to yourself, “hum… That was it?!” The reason? You got used to having it. To delay that feeling, instead of getting one really big thing get lots of cheaper, different things. That way you’re less likely to get bored.


Don’t worry about warranty.

Talking about getting used to a good thing, you also get used to a bad thing. Say, for example, you bought a really nice powder brush, and the handle cracked a bit after a few months. Those things can cost a bundle. So, do you storm back to the store and demand a replacement? Or do you ignore it? Our brains are funny in that, over time, we’ll look at that broken handle as a good thing. Hey, at least no one in the world has a powder brush like yours, right?

Buy now, use later.

This is a bit 50 Shades-ish, but delay of gratification really does make you happier. And not just in bed. Another upshot of this is when buying this way you into making better choices about buying for the future.


Think about the little things.

We all love to pat ourselves on the back every now and then. Who doesn’t want to feel like they figured out something no-one else has. So go ahead and read way into those ingredient lists. When you find that obscure ingredient that’s not good for your skin, that’s reason enough for your brain to go all giggly.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Just don’t listen to your brain too much. Obsessing over reviews, ingredients and listicles can mislead you into buying the wrong product. Remember when you found that foundation that everyone said was amazing, but when you tried it, you couldn’t find the right shade and you looked like an orange with hair. But everyone said it was great, right? Wrong. Sometimes you just need to trust your gut.


Follow trends.

But, you know what? Sometimes we just love stuff because other people we know do as well. And that’s OK. Like I said earlier, we humans are social creatures.

So now you know! While it’s not as simple as buying some magic product, there are ways you can spend your way to happiness! Another great excuse to go on a cosmetics shopping spree, if you’ll excuse me!
While I’m gone, I’d love to hear how you guys think when buying cosmetics of your own! Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Tata!

The Laziest Style Hack Ever.

Because trying to look good is so last year.

The “fashion conscious” of us have ignored the labels on clothes for years. Wearing shirts backwards, sweat pants to black tie events, and socks that don’t match. This all screams “I’m so cool, clothes makers can’t even tell me how to wear their stuff. I tell them how to wear it.”

One of the easiest ways to get a piece of this form of insta-style is with this hack. Wear you top, jacket, jumper, anything as if it’s falling off your shoulder (Gigi Hadid approved).

And while we’re talking about it, this blog post is also going to stop trying so hard and show you pictures instead.

Peace out.

[Mic drop]