How to Not Suck At Makeup

Tell it like it is why don’t cha?!


This youtube vid from Tati is something I wish I had when I started my makeup journey from oh so many years ago. She goes over so many of the problem areas we make up enthusiasts come across when we’re starting.
My personal favourite recommendations are:
  1. Remember to blend your foundation down through your jawline to your neck. That way you don’t look like you’re wearing some weird makeup mask.
  2. Don’t touch up your face by smashing a whole lot of powder onto it with a big powder brush. Blot the areas that are looking a bit oily. Use a crease blending brush (you know, the round soft one you use to blend eye shadows) to apply power only to the areas that need it.
  3. For liquid lip lovers, scrub your lips before you apply! I love the recommendation of sugar and olive oil, but my personal favourite is a mix of brown and white sugar, with honey and a dash of virgin coconut oil for yumminess and moisture!

Watch it all below!

What were your favourite tips? Let me know below in the comments!

5 Beauty Tips to Crush the dreaded Travel Face

Hit the ground running as soon as you disembark from your flight. There’s no need to sleep off jet lag with these 5 flight tested beauty tips.

Next week I’m heading to Hong Kong on an insanely early flight. Normally it goes something like this. I drag myself out of bed and grab my packed bags hoping I didn’t forget anything last night. Then I sleepwalk my way through the customs and boarding before waking up on the other side of the flight only to, wait for it… Crash in the hotel and wake up sometime around dinner feeling like I have jello for a brain.

Sound familiar?

pexels-photo (1).jpg

As anyone who’s ever traveled internationally will tell you, trying to get rid of what I call “travel face” can be a 24 hour struggle many of us lose to big dark glasses, a poncho and pretending to pay attention, while hiding in dark corners.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! So here are 5 flight-tested beauty tips that put you on the path to crushing that “travel face”. 

Bring a facial mist with you.

The air on planes sure is drying. Have you ever noticed when you rub your fingers mid flight they feel almost like paper?

Time to pull out the facial mist. Keep a small amount of distilled water in a small spray bottle, and pull it out whenever you need a little bit of instant hydration for your skin. It’s also a great way to refresh your makeup just before you get off so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

I love to mix in a drop of peppermint oil to add that extra plump and freshness.

Downsize, travel light and fast.

Apart from the fact that you can’t, there are so many reasons to downsize your favorite skincare essentials before jumping on a plane. You can bring the right cleansers, toners and moisturizers for your skin, tiny bottles are easier to carry, and you can find many flight safe options at your local chemist.

One great tip? Only bring what you need, make sure to leave a bit of air in the top and tap them gently to get any air out of the bottom. Then Pop them in a zip lock bag before you load them up into your carry on. Knocks, bumps and even changing cabin pressure can cause them to burst.

Sun Damage is Real.

This makes no sense until you start to think about it scientifically.

The higher you are, the closer to the sun you are and the thinner atmosphere is. You can’t force everyone to close their windows, there’s always some annoying kid who won’t ever do what anyone says, anyway.

So bring some SPF along and don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours during a day time flight.

Multi-purpose skincare solutions really shine here. Estee Lauder’s Daywear BB Cream with SPF 35 is perfect. It not only provides coverage that smooths your skins appearance, but also moisturizes and protects it from the sun.

Lather up Ladies.

Speaking of moisturizers, remember how I said that the air inside a plane was incredibly drying? Yeah, seriously, it’s like jerky perfect drying.

To combat this it’s time to bring out the big guns, especially if it’s a red eye, and you’re not going to be awake to maintain your skincare. Along with your trusty BB Cream with SPF you’re going to need a night cream, an eye cream, some lip balm and a serum like Kevyn Aucoin’s Primed Skin Developer to help keep all that moisture locked inside your skin.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Finally, you’re body is made up for 60% water, so don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Above all else, water is your greatest friend for defeating that “travel face” and crushing jet lag.

Those small cups they bring you during food service? Nup, that’s not gunna cut it honey. An average person needs at least a liter of water for every FIVE hours of flight time. That’s 4 normal cups, or like 6-8 of those tiny ones they give you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more water from flight attendants, they’re doing the same thing you are, keeping hydrated (how do you think they stay so cheery?). Or, if you’re afraid to do that, don’t forget to bring an empty bottle through customs and fill it up before you board.


And that’s it for the 5 essential flight-tested beauty tips to help you crush “travel face” like a boss. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll give ’em a try and if they make the cut, who knows? We might feature your tip right here!


8 Makeup Hacks That Are So Crazy They Work!

I keep tellin’ you guys, as much as I love makeup, I totally suck at it sometimes. I’m proud of my brows, but pretty much everything else is a struggle sometimes.

Sometimes, I just wish there was a cheat code. It doesn’t need to be insta-makeup, I still like putting it on, but, just, you know, a whole lot more room for error, and a whole lot less money required.

That’s when I came across these 8 hacks for makeup. They seem weird and stupid but, trust me, they totally work.

1. Ice Cube Primer

Sure. You could jamsu it up, but who really enjoys smashing their face into a big bowl of ice cold water like their bobbing for apples. Except there are no apples.


Ice cubes to the rescue! Pop some of these icy bad boys into a new zip lock bag after you’ve cleansed your face, just before applying anything and rub it all over your face. This tightens your pores, reduces puffiness and softens your skin when you do eventually start applying makeup.

2. Oh Yeeeeeah Lipstain

Lip stains are so in. I know. I’m totally guilty of buying 60 different shades of the same red. But it doesn’t have to be such a massively expensive exercise, and it could be a whole lot more tasty.


Get some Cherry Red Koolaid (yup, you heard that right). A tablespoon will do. Add a couple of drops of water until it forms a thickish paste. Then apply! Make sure you don’t thoroughly clean your brush afterwards so you don’t attract ants.

3. Rescue broken powders

You’re in a rush. You’ve just finished your makeup with some setting powder. You try to wrap it up and pop it in your bag, but, silly you, today you accidentally woke up with butter fingers! Buh-bow. The powder in your compact breaks into a million pieces and so does your heart.


OK, only joking. It’s not that serious. What you do, get your powder brush and pick up as much of the powder as you can into the compact. Then using a teaspoon break it down even further until it’s a fine dust. Mix in some isopropyl alcohol until it turns into a paste. Shape it flat with a butter knife and then leave it open to set for a few hours. By the time you come back from work, voila! It’ll look like new.

4. Pantyliner Protection!

Yeah, this one is a weird one.

I love a good smoky eye as much as the next girl, but you know what I do hate? All that fallout that ends up ruining the rest of your face. I used to place a fan brush under my eye to catch this, but who has 4 hands?


So, you know pantyliners? They’re actually fantastic for catching fallout and the powder just sticks to the absorbent side. Simply cut them into 2 or 4 pieces, shape them to fit underneath your eye and stick them there before you start putting on that “night out on the town” makeup.

When you’re done, simply remove and dispose!

5. Blotting paper for cheapskates

Man, I feel like I need a pack of these a day. No. Not cigarettes. Blotting paper. And it sure can get expensive, especially in hot weather, with oily skin.


Did you know there’s a cheat right in your kitchen? Simply grab some coffee liners and cut them into a compact shape you can carry around. Squares, circles, Spongebob Squarepants. Whatever tickles your fancy. Pop them in a little ziplock baggy and blot away! The material of the paper is perfect for catching excess oil without removing makeup along with it.

6. Eu de can’t smell it anymore

I spend a good thousand dollars on scents each year. I just can’t help it. So it’s no wonder that I get a little annoyed when you spritz yourself a little in the morning and, by lunchtime you back to smelling like an armpit.


Here’s an amazing tip I’ve found to help you make that scent last all day. Dab a little bit of Vaseline on to the pulse points around your body before you spray! It should help that scent go just a bit further.

7. No surgery plump lips

I get it, not everyone is blessed with lips the size of a young Angelina Jolie, or even Kylie Jenner. How are we ever going to find the canvas to put those luscious lip kits of hers to use?!


Not to worry. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on surgery to plump up your lips. Grab some peppermint essence oil (you can find it at your local organics store) and apply a couple of drops of it to your lips with a cotton bud. You can also add a few drops of it to your lip tints and lip glosses to add that extra fullness, as well as make them stretch a bit further.

8. Ghetto Beauty Blender Storage

I love beauty blenders. I love them so much that I made my own, and I’ve pretty much given up on foundation brushes altogether. But what happens when you’ve just got too many of them. They’re a wierd shape and you don’t want them to dry into an even wierder one. Hmmm….

You know what blenders are also shaped like? Eggs.


Yup, you can see where this is going. Grab an unused plastic egg carton (plastic is preferable as it doesn’t harbor germs) and make sure its clean, before you pop all your beauty blenders inside!

That’s it for this post ladies! I hope you learned some money saving hacks! I’d love to hear what other hacks you guys use for great makeup or just to save some money! Leave them down in the comments below and I’ll be sure to try them.

Managing Cystic Acne without a Prescription

I’ve lived with acne for the last few years. It isn’t the embarassing breakouts we live with in our high school years. It isn’t a phase that I will grow out of. For a growing number of people like me, the stresses of modern life has caused cystic acne to flare up in their 20s, 30s and even 40s.
While you can go for prescription medication, dermatologists usually leave that as a last “nuclear” resort. Dermatologists see hormonal imbalance, genetics, diet, and topical causes such as skincare and makeup as potential causes. For most it’s a combination of all the above, but hormonal imbalance seems to be a common factor among all cases.
So how do you go about rebalancing your hormones?
While topical creams, medicine, injections and laser treatments can be important treatments, so is modifying your lifestyle.

1. Diet

Salad with chicken and vegetables

One of the biggest things you can do is to change your diet. Stop consuming dairy, if at all possible, or limit yourself to clean, organic dairy products. Skip the flavored milks and processed cheeses. Limit the amount of red meat you consume and try to find hormone and anti-biotic free poultry. Fish and seafood is a great source of protein. Try drinking alkaline water, cut out the alcohol and take a daily probiotic.

2. Clean your skin


It’s surprising how much the skin on our faces is exposed to. So, it’s no wonder that regular cleaning can really help reduce acne flareups. Shower immediately when you get home, especially if you’ve gotten all sweaty from a hot summer day. Make sure your pores remain clean and clear. Regularly wash your hair as well, especially if it is long, and allow it to dry before going to bed. You don’t want to encourage bacteria with a warm wet place to breed (ew). Finally, something that a lot of people overlook is to make sure your pillow case and sheets are clean by not eating in bed and not going to sleep with makeup on.

3. Get a peel


When battling acne, make sure you team up with a skincare specialist to devise the right regime for you. The wrong regime can make it worse. Peels containing retinoids or glycolic acid can also help acne. They are like a turbo clean for your skin.

4. Take some time for yourself


This is probably my biggest problem. As I said above, hormonal imbalance is a common factor in all adult acne. Stress can have a major effect on your hormones and usually for the worse. So if you’re feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, there’s a reason you look worse for wear. Take some time for yourself. Without your health and wellbeing, all the money in the world can’t help you, nor your skin.
Whatever you choose to do dermatologists warn not to wait until your acne becomes severe before seeing them. Often, it can be contained with early intervention, and there are techniques that can be performed to lessen scarring.
That’s it for today’s helpful post! If you have any other tips for managing acne, I would love to hear them below in the comments, or even try a few myself!

Pro Fix for Puffy Eyes

Eyes felt puffy lately?
I know exactly how you feel. Not getting enough sleep is a chronic disease of mine. So many videos on YouTube to watch and not enough time before bed!
Luckily, pro makeup artist Pati Dubroff has an insta-fix for this.

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Take two silicon applicators, one for each eye, and leave them in the freezer the night before an early morning. When you wake up at should-still-be-in-bed-o’clock, take the silicon applicators out of the freezer, give them a quick rinse and dry, and stick them in the fridge. They’re now in a holding pattern. Wash your face and apply your moisturizer before placing the cool silicon applicators over your eyes for a couple minutes. Remove, apply primer and makeup as usual.



Super refreshed, and ready to go! Now there’s another reason to stock up on those weird applicators that I can never seem to use properly, yay!
Hey girls, sorry about not blogging for the last, what, almost week? Been super run off my feet with work and event prep! More articles to come, be sure to let me know how this worked for you in the comments below!

8 tips for looking ageless

None of us are going to be young forever. Even the most baby-faced Korean skincare fanatics among us will, in time, show the years. But that doesn’t mean we should all pack it in and spend the last half of our lives in sweaters confined to the couch watching Miss Marple over a bucket of ice cream. Noooo! The best of us age gracefully. Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and the ageless Julie Andrews. How do they do it?!
I’ll tell you what they’re not doing. They’re not slathering their faces with more makeup than a scary clown.
Here’s what they are doing:

Concealing Crows Feet


Crows feet are some of the first signs of aging you’ll come across. As you age they can deepen. Because of the creasing, they have a brown undertone.
To lessen their appearance try applying concealer in an upward motion. Use one with a pinkish tone for those of us with lighter skin. For medium skin tones use a peachy concealer.

Using the right lip color


While ruby red lips are totally in at the moment, and they really give you an elegant look, they don’t help you look youthful.
Skin on our lips is thin and don’t contain glands that normally replenish moisture. That’s why they dry so quickly. To combat this use lip balm with SPF before applying lipstick and moisturize them at night. Choose shades of pink to define and plump your lips for a youthful appearance

Widening the eyes


Big and wide eyes is the calling card of youth. But as you age, your skin loses elasticity. The skin on your eyelids and brow bone begin to droop and you take on a bit of a “sloth-like” appearance. As cute as sloths are, they aren’t an animal most people want to imitate.
For a quick fix you can get a good lash curler and freeze curled lashes in place with a dry mascara. You also want to remember to highlight that brow bone to provide some lift.
When using eye products, as the skin around your eyes is looser than it used to be avoid using pencil liners or liquid liners, which can tug at the skin or leave dashes above the lash line. Stick to a creamy gel liner instead, which has a much smoother application. Make sure to angle your eyeliner upwards at the ends to provide more lift.

Adding radiance to their skin


As we age the collagen in our skin breaks down, you lose that plumpness, and your skin becomes prone to drying. Apart from using a powerful moisturizer, a great way to quickly get that glowing plumpness back is using a creamy, glowy blush stick to give yourself a radiant glow.
Another amazing tip from professional makeup artists to add some radiance back to your skin is the judicious use of highlighter. Apply it under your foundation for a much more natural and realistic glow. We aren’t going for chroming here.
Finally, avoid using powder based products, which can just make you look cakey. No baking!

Filling out the brows


As you age it’s not uncommon for brows to get thinner. Sometimes it’s natural, sometimes it’s due to over plucking. Whatever the reason, a well defined brow can give an instant lift to your face and give the impression that, yes, you are a lady and you’re a boss at being one.
But, stay away from heavy products. Stick to powders and pencils to lightly fill in and define the natural contours of your brow. You want a soft natural, but well groomed look. It’s not practical to wear Instagram brows.

Using the right foundation and only once


As you age your skin becomes thinner so it’s natural that your complexion will change over time. Often you will get rosier and rosier, and then all of a sudden… You have a ruddy face.
Use a medium coverage, silicon based liquid foundation for a dewy finish. Avoid finishing it with powder. It’s as simple as just letting it set naturally by waiting 5 minutes for it to dry.
That’s all my tips for looking youthful as you age! Let me know what you think! Got any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below!

Celebrate #EarthDay with Organic Masks

Earth day is all about looking after the environment. It’s important because not doing so not only harms ourselves, but also future generations. We already use too many chemicals in our daily lives and we’re exposed to so many through pollution.

But that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves go. So let’s celebrate how the environment nourishes us and pamper ourselves this #EarthDay with 3 of my favorite entirely organic wash off masks from Skinfood! Not only do they smell and feel great, but you will be amazed how good you feel afterwards.

This Black Sugar and Manuka Honey mixture is super effective and smells like something Winnie-the-Pooh would want to dig into. Coarse Black Sugar provides natural exfoliation, while Manuka Honey is known as the most nourishing type of honey in the world. It’s antibacterial to help ward off pimples and soothes burnt & dry skin. Perfect for #summer!
Enter the power scrubber! Skinfood’s Roasted Black Sesame Hot Scrub. Packed with minerals and natural oils, not only does it exterminate black and white heads, but it also makes your skin feel smooth and supple after using it. Just don’t use it in the sauna. The label says it will literally overheat.
This might be my favorite wash off mask of them all. Black Sugar and Strawberry, it’s perfect for clearing blackheads and whiteheads from sensitive skin, while gently exfoliating. The real strawberry in this mask also lightens dark spots and acne scars, as well as tightens your skin. Bonus! It smells like strawberry jam too! Mmmmmm…
For everyday cleansing don’t forget our Organic Konjac Sponges. Made entirely from the root of the Konjac Plant, they’re 100% organic and biodegradable and I love how it deeply cleanses my sensitive skin without irritating it! Use with your favorite cleanser to super charge it.


That’s it for this Earth Day ladies! If you have any other organic skincare regimes and products you use I’d love to hear about them below in comments!