8 Essential Lazy AF Beauty Hacks

Ladies, it’s the middle of winter. It’s cold as hell and it’s raining all the time. No wonder I’m permanently wearing my Snuggie and Ugg boots. And did I say it’s cold as hell?

It’s peak season to embrace being lazy AF and binge watch Veep.

But you have to get out some time, right? Even if it’s just to pickup a daily pizza (damn, I have really let myself go).

So, here’s my 8 favourite essential lazy AF beauty hacks from around the Interwebs to make you look a little less like a gremlin.

1. Use a credit card to create the perfect wing

2. Peppermint oil + lip gloss = plump bea!

3. Pop your mascara into your bra for 5 minutes to warm it up

4. Cover your lipstick with a tissue and dust translucent powder over it for all day lips

5. The most ingenious way to use a lash curler

6. Turn any pencil eyeliner into an intense gel liner

7. Dry your hair extra fast, ditch the towel!

Tees are way more absorbent and will get your hair dry a lot faster!

8. Thicken your hair with eyeshadow

Find BuzzFeed’s original 44 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks here!

That’s it for my favourite lazy hacks! Let me know what your most lazy beauty hacks are below in the comments, and I’ll give it a go!

Now, back to Veep…

5 Beauty Tips to Crush the dreaded Travel Face

Hit the ground running as soon as you disembark from your flight. There’s no need to sleep off jet lag with these 5 flight tested beauty tips.

Next week I’m heading to Hong Kong on an insanely early flight. Normally it goes something like this. I drag myself out of bed and grab my packed bags hoping I didn’t forget anything last night. Then I sleepwalk my way through the customs and boarding before waking up on the other side of the flight only to, wait for it… Crash in the hotel and wake up sometime around dinner feeling like I have jello for a brain.

Sound familiar?

pexels-photo (1).jpg

As anyone who’s ever traveled internationally will tell you, trying to get rid of what I call “travel face” can be a 24 hour struggle many of us lose to big dark glasses, a poncho and pretending to pay attention, while hiding in dark corners.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! So here are 5 flight-tested beauty tips that put you on the path to crushing that “travel face”. 

Bring a facial mist with you.

The air on planes sure is drying. Have you ever noticed when you rub your fingers mid flight they feel almost like paper?

Time to pull out the facial mist. Keep a small amount of distilled water in a small spray bottle, and pull it out whenever you need a little bit of instant hydration for your skin. It’s also a great way to refresh your makeup just before you get off so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

I love to mix in a drop of peppermint oil to add that extra plump and freshness.

Downsize, travel light and fast.

Apart from the fact that you can’t, there are so many reasons to downsize your favorite skincare essentials before jumping on a plane. You can bring the right cleansers, toners and moisturizers for your skin, tiny bottles are easier to carry, and you can find many flight safe options at your local chemist.

One great tip? Only bring what you need, make sure to leave a bit of air in the top and tap them gently to get any air out of the bottom. Then Pop them in a zip lock bag before you load them up into your carry on. Knocks, bumps and even changing cabin pressure can cause them to burst.

Sun Damage is Real.

This makes no sense until you start to think about it scientifically.

The higher you are, the closer to the sun you are and the thinner atmosphere is. You can’t force everyone to close their windows, there’s always some annoying kid who won’t ever do what anyone says, anyway.

So bring some SPF along and don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours during a day time flight.

Multi-purpose skincare solutions really shine here. Estee Lauder’s Daywear BB Cream with SPF 35 is perfect. It not only provides coverage that smooths your skins appearance, but also moisturizes and protects it from the sun.

Lather up Ladies.

Speaking of moisturizers, remember how I said that the air inside a plane was incredibly drying? Yeah, seriously, it’s like jerky perfect drying.

To combat this it’s time to bring out the big guns, especially if it’s a red eye, and you’re not going to be awake to maintain your skincare. Along with your trusty BB Cream with SPF you’re going to need a night cream, an eye cream, some lip balm and a serum like Kevyn Aucoin’s Primed Skin Developer to help keep all that moisture locked inside your skin.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Finally, you’re body is made up for 60% water, so don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Above all else, water is your greatest friend for defeating that “travel face” and crushing jet lag.

Those small cups they bring you during food service? Nup, that’s not gunna cut it honey. An average person needs at least a liter of water for every FIVE hours of flight time. That’s 4 normal cups, or like 6-8 of those tiny ones they give you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more water from flight attendants, they’re doing the same thing you are, keeping hydrated (how do you think they stay so cheery?). Or, if you’re afraid to do that, don’t forget to bring an empty bottle through customs and fill it up before you board.


And that’s it for the 5 essential flight-tested beauty tips to help you crush “travel face” like a boss. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll give ’em a try and if they make the cut, who knows? We might feature your tip right here!


Beauty Trends 2017 (Scientifically Accurate!)

And I’m baaaaack!
I’m so sorry for the much too long lay away ladies! It’s been so hectic around here, what with all the planning for… well, I’ll keep it a surprise until it happens 😉
For my first post back I thought we’d have a look at beauty trends in general.
In the last couple of months, while I’ve been away Google and Facebook have released two reports about beauty trends in 2017 that have been getting quite a bit of attention (mmmmmm).
But, who has time to read massive reports, right?
So, I’ve done that for you and distilled it down to one handy infographic for you to munch on!
Nomnomnom away my pretties!


8 tips for looking ageless

None of us are going to be young forever. Even the most baby-faced Korean skincare fanatics among us will, in time, show the years. But that doesn’t mean we should all pack it in and spend the last half of our lives in sweaters confined to the couch watching Miss Marple over a bucket of ice cream. Noooo! The best of us age gracefully. Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and the ageless Julie Andrews. How do they do it?!
I’ll tell you what they’re not doing. They’re not slathering their faces with more makeup than a scary clown.
Here’s what they are doing:

Concealing Crows Feet


Crows feet are some of the first signs of aging you’ll come across. As you age they can deepen. Because of the creasing, they have a brown undertone.
To lessen their appearance try applying concealer in an upward motion. Use one with a pinkish tone for those of us with lighter skin. For medium skin tones use a peachy concealer.

Using the right lip color


While ruby red lips are totally in at the moment, and they really give you an elegant look, they don’t help you look youthful.
Skin on our lips is thin and don’t contain glands that normally replenish moisture. That’s why they dry so quickly. To combat this use lip balm with SPF before applying lipstick and moisturize them at night. Choose shades of pink to define and plump your lips for a youthful appearance

Widening the eyes


Big and wide eyes is the calling card of youth. But as you age, your skin loses elasticity. The skin on your eyelids and brow bone begin to droop and you take on a bit of a “sloth-like” appearance. As cute as sloths are, they aren’t an animal most people want to imitate.
For a quick fix you can get a good lash curler and freeze curled lashes in place with a dry mascara. You also want to remember to highlight that brow bone to provide some lift.
When using eye products, as the skin around your eyes is looser than it used to be avoid using pencil liners or liquid liners, which can tug at the skin or leave dashes above the lash line. Stick to a creamy gel liner instead, which has a much smoother application. Make sure to angle your eyeliner upwards at the ends to provide more lift.

Adding radiance to their skin


As we age the collagen in our skin breaks down, you lose that plumpness, and your skin becomes prone to drying. Apart from using a powerful moisturizer, a great way to quickly get that glowing plumpness back is using a creamy, glowy blush stick to give yourself a radiant glow.
Another amazing tip from professional makeup artists to add some radiance back to your skin is the judicious use of highlighter. Apply it under your foundation for a much more natural and realistic glow. We aren’t going for chroming here.
Finally, avoid using powder based products, which can just make you look cakey. No baking!

Filling out the brows


As you age it’s not uncommon for brows to get thinner. Sometimes it’s natural, sometimes it’s due to over plucking. Whatever the reason, a well defined brow can give an instant lift to your face and give the impression that, yes, you are a lady and you’re a boss at being one.
But, stay away from heavy products. Stick to powders and pencils to lightly fill in and define the natural contours of your brow. You want a soft natural, but well groomed look. It’s not practical to wear Instagram brows.

Using the right foundation and only once


As you age your skin becomes thinner so it’s natural that your complexion will change over time. Often you will get rosier and rosier, and then all of a sudden… You have a ruddy face.
Use a medium coverage, silicon based liquid foundation for a dewy finish. Avoid finishing it with powder. It’s as simple as just letting it set naturally by waiting 5 minutes for it to dry.
That’s all my tips for looking youthful as you age! Let me know what you think! Got any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below!

Beauty & the Beast Live Action Cast vs. the Animated Characters

Come on. You knew a Beauty & the Beast article was coming. One of the main characters is named after me so of course I was going to jump at the first chance to see it.

The original animated Beauty & the Beast is one of the all time favorite films (I’ve watched it at least twice this year, so far) so I was surprised how much depth the live action and additional backstory added to the film.

One of the first things I noticed was how amazingly well cast it was! Almost as if each actor was made for the role. See for yourself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Coming soon I’ll post a Beauty & the Beast post on how to recreate Belle’s (mine, hehe) look!

How similar do you think they look to the original animated characters? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

7 Beauty & Style Lessons from Jackie Kennedy

He’s caustic, rude, dishonest, and demeaning to all manner of people.
I’m talking about the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, of course. But Presidencies have not always been so troubling. There was a time when the Presidency deserved respect and his wife, adored.
The most adored of them had to be Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She continues to be an icon of style and a guide to all that is effortless, dignified and everlastingly fashionable.
When I look back at her life, there were 8 lessons I found for presenting yourself in public life.


1. Sometimes a simple cleansing regime is better


While the first lady was blessed with a luminous complexion, it wasn’t due to a 3 foot long laundry list of skincare products. In fact, she used a single product: mineralized soap. These are rich in organic minerals and salts that both exfoliate and nourish. A modern day version of this you could try is the legendary Magic Stone from April Skin.

2. Find a scent that works and stick to it



Put your hand up if you have a wardrobe cabinet full of perfumes. I know I do. I know the thinking. You rationalize it by saying they’re all for different occasions, right? But Jackie Kennedy’s guiding philosophy was to always be yourself. So, no matter the occassion, she always wore one scent: Lovely Patchouli 55 from the House of Krigler. Now, you don’t have to go and get a perfume from the most exclusive perfumery in the world. But you should find a scent that you love and wear it everywhere, because, why bend to suit the occasion? The occasion should suit you #strongwomen.

3. She pioneered eyebrows

1 a Jackie Kennedysq.jpg


Brows in 2017 are in, but over 50 years ago, Jackie Kennedy was already perfecting the brow. Constantly the perfectionist, she groomed her brows meticulously. People look at brows and they are one of the fastest ways to determine whether a person is a slob or well-organized. Jackie Kennedy was always well organized. A product like the Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil is great as an all in one solution to grooming, filling and nourishing your brows.

4. Always present yourself with an air of effortlessness



Long before Paris Hilton made hangover sunnies trashy, Jackie Kennedy was using them to substitute for a lack of time. Those days when your hair just won’t stay down, and you haven’t got the time put on a full face of makeup, instead of trying to smash it on and possibly lose some dignity do what she did. Wrap a scarf over your head and don a pair of fashionably large sunglasses for that morning brunch. Never appear flustered again.

5. Invest in a powerful moisturizer



Not saying you have slather your face with every cream under the sun. Just find a really good one, and stick to it. While Jackie Kennedy did age gracefully, her habit of smoking took a toll on her skin. To keep her complexion youthful and radiant she only ever relied on one moisturizer. As is the case with anything. The higher the quality the less subsitutes you need to make. For example, the legendary True Cream Aqua Bomb from Belif gives deep hydration without breaking the bank, and has been around forever.

6. Focus on the lips



Again, while red lipsticks have come back into vogue in 2017, Jackie Kennedy was rocking it over 50 years ago. She really was ahead of her time, and her lesson of treating lipstick as a fashion accessory continues to be a guiding principle today. To keep in simply stylish choose a lipstick shade to fit your dress. There’s no need to get all fancy with the eyeshadow. Try the NARS range of audacious lipsticks for sophisticated, creamy and high impact lip colors.

7. Less is more



This is probably the most important lesson from Jackie Kennedy’s legacy of style. She never went over the top. She never used any extravagant products. She stuck to a few high quality products that suited her, and maximized her natural features. She never succumbed to short lived trends, and she was always herself, not trying to be someone else. Style doesn’t need to be complicated and Jackie Kennedy Onassis proved why.
That’s all for this post! What other style lessons have you learned from the first lady and what do you think about the ones we’ve talked about here? Leave your comments below!

8 Infographics that Make Using Beauty Products Easier

There are about 12 billion different beauty products you can buy these days (maybe a slight exaggeration). So it’s no wonder that many of us have no idea what to get or how to use half of them.
Luckily, one of the rules of the Internet is that, if somethine exists, someone, somewhere will have made an infographic.
I love a good infographic. So easy to read and understand, and the best ones can change your life. So, here are my top 8 beauty infographics that might change yours!

Find out the perfect foundation type for your skin!
No idea what skincare product to use first? Check this out
So many brushes! So little idea how to use them! This has got your basics covered.
How to conceal those ugly under eye circles, or just go nuts!
No idea what eyeshadows do to your eye? Refer to the above chart!
Mowing through your foundation? You’re probably using too much. Here’s the right amount to use of every beauty product!
Contouring. No longer some magic voodoo art. This is how you can flatter any face type!
Had that mascara forever? Maybe it’s time to throw it out. That is unless you like getting an eye infection…

Have you got any favorite beauty infographics of your own that you wear by? Leave them below in the comments. I’d love to learn about them!