Mario Badescu almost causes a breakup

Who tf is mario badescu?!
That cracks me up so much.
Mario Badescu, legendary skin care makers, famed for fixing break outs, now also famed for almost causing a breakup!
The real Mario Badescu founded the salon and formulated the products that now bear his name. But he died over 30 years ago.
Cut to the present day and thousands of people swear by his products. This includes one anonymous Twitter user who’s love for Mario Badescu may have been taken the wrong way by her boyfriend…
It’s somewhat understandable. If you don’t know a thing about the skincare world then gushing about names like Peter Thomas Roth and Erno Laszlo could sound like a debonair gentleman interloper.
Either way, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this (I’m doing a bit of both, actually). Read this, you’ll know what I mean.
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#MemeMakeup is taking over Twitter Ermahgerd!

I guess this was bound to happen at some point. Meme’s are our generation’s pictographs. They communicate that “look” without actually writing anything. So, of course they made their way onto our faces… And then back onto the Twittersphere where all memes naturally live.
Normally, I’d say, yay, #makeup #inspiration! But, by the time you apply these to your face they’ll probably be irrelevant.
So for the next 3 seconds (I think that’s the normal lifespan of a trend on Twitter, maybe?) simply enjoy my #MemeMakeup favorites!

Salt Bae

18 Beauty Memes for when You Just Can’t…

There are times in my life when I can only communicate my feels in memes. Like those times when your significant other doesn’t get the obsession with beauty products. Or when you’re communicating with someone else who loves beauty products and you need a readymade in-joke.
We all feel like that sometimes so here are 18 memes that I use when you just can’t…


This was actually a really funny and fun post to do! Let me know of what other memes you like to whip out regularly with your beauty inclined friends! Leave them in the comments below.