Makeup for Idiots – 6 Infographics

Vloggers on YouTube make it look so easy don’t they. When you try those looks by yourself you just end up looking like a gremlin who ate after midnight. It’s so unfair. But fret no longer ladies! I’ve put together 6 super simple infographics with basic makeup techniques everyone can learn in a cinch.

Check them out below!

output (1)
What do you want your eyeliner to say? I always want to look like I’m definitely not hungover. Definitely not…
output (2)
Inspiration from Julep so you stop wearing that stupid winged liner you can never make thin enough to stop it looking like a blob of black accidentally stuck to your eye.
output (3)
Color theory! No more mixing purple and green! Wait… That wasn’t a thing?
output (4)
The classic smokey. Classy.
Because I also have absolutely no idea what all these thousands of wands are for.
Slowly puts down that blending brush I’ve been using to apply shadow with…


Got any other infographics that you swear by? I’d love to see them! Post them in the comments below or just let me know what you think!

8 Infographics that Make Using Beauty Products Easier

There are about 12 billion different beauty products you can buy these days (maybe a slight exaggeration). So it’s no wonder that many of us have no idea what to get or how to use half of them.
Luckily, one of the rules of the Internet is that, if somethine exists, someone, somewhere will have made an infographic.
I love a good infographic. So easy to read and understand, and the best ones can change your life. So, here are my top 8 beauty infographics that might change yours!

Find out the perfect foundation type for your skin!
No idea what skincare product to use first? Check this out
So many brushes! So little idea how to use them! This has got your basics covered.
How to conceal those ugly under eye circles, or just go nuts!
No idea what eyeshadows do to your eye? Refer to the above chart!
Mowing through your foundation? You’re probably using too much. Here’s the right amount to use of every beauty product!
Contouring. No longer some magic voodoo art. This is how you can flatter any face type!
Had that mascara forever? Maybe it’s time to throw it out. That is unless you like getting an eye infection…

Have you got any favorite beauty infographics of your own that you wear by? Leave them below in the comments. I’d love to learn about them!