Pro Fix for Puffy Eyes

Eyes felt puffy lately?
I know exactly how you feel. Not getting enough sleep is a chronic disease of mine. So many videos on YouTube to watch and not enough time before bed!
Luckily, pro makeup artist Pati Dubroff has an insta-fix for this.

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Take two silicon applicators, one for each eye, and leave them in the freezer the night before an early morning. When you wake up at should-still-be-in-bed-o’clock, take the silicon applicators out of the freezer, give them a quick rinse and dry, and stick them in the fridge. They’re now in a holding pattern. Wash your face and apply your moisturizer before placing the cool silicon applicators over your eyes for a couple minutes. Remove, apply primer and makeup as usual.



Super refreshed, and ready to go! Now there’s another reason to stock up on those weird applicators that I can never seem to use properly, yay!
Hey girls, sorry about not blogging for the last, what, almost week? Been super run off my feet with work and event prep! More articles to come, be sure to let me know how this worked for you in the comments below!

4 Makeup Shortcuts for Rushed Mornings

Mornings. They suck.
I’m not a morning person, so there’s no getting around it. There never seems to be enough time. You could wake up on time, do your makeup and look fabulous, but then everyone starts calling you “dragon lady” because, hey, you’re missing out on snooze-town. Or you slap that snooze button a few too many times, get to work late, and look like a scrunched up brown paper bag to boot.
How does a modern girl win?
I’ll tell you how, babe. With these four shortcuts curated by yours, truly, you’ll be sleeping well and looking fabulous in no time!




Double Purpose Products

I’m sure you have a million products in your makeup drawer. I know last time I counted I shocked myself with how many I had. The thing is, when you’re in a rush, there’s no time to be fancy. Stick to a few trusty products that can do double duty.
Instead of using primer, color correction and concealer along with your foundation, use… more foundation. After applying your first layer, layer a bit more over the areas that need it. Set and go.
After applying your chosen lip product to your lips, squeeze a drop onto your finger and use it as a blush as well.


Forget Precision

There’s no getting around it. There are just some parts of doing makeup that are fiddly and time consuming. So, when you’re in a rush, skip it.
Forget the lip liner and liquid eyeliner. Stick to brown pencil eyeliner to softly frame your eyes, without needing to be razor sharp. It can also do double duty filling in your brows.
Swap lipstick for lip tints. With lip tints there is no need to be accurate in your application. Smear some onto the middle of your lips and smack them a few times until the tint has spread and set. Voila. Gorgeous, and ephemeral lips in less than 10 seconds.


Plan to Work On the Go

This is perfect for those of us who take the train or car pool to work. There are some things in makeup that don’t have to be done in a bedroom, so if you’re in a real rush, save some space in your bag for these items.
While powders aren’t super practical for use on the move, setting spray is a compact, fast and great way to set your makeup on the go (who doesn’t like dewy finishes). Lip tint or lipstick and mascara are also perfectly fine to apply on the road.


Keep it Natural

This is the almighty rule when rushing makeup. Yes. It is a rule. No. It is not negotiable.
Seriously, though. Would anyone go into work with smokeys?
Keep it natural, babe. This also keeps things fast and right now natural makeup is so in. Forget the contouring. Forget creative eye shadow colors. Keep it light and nude.

Do you have any shortcuts for rushed mornings? I’d love to hear! Leave them in the comments below.