Beauty Trends 2017 (Scientifically Accurate!)

And I’m baaaaack!
I’m so sorry for the much too long lay away ladies! It’s been so hectic around here, what with all the planning for… well, I’ll keep it a surprise until it happens ūüėČ
For my first post back I thought we’d have a look at beauty trends in general.
In the last couple of months, while I’ve been away Google and Facebook have released two reports about beauty trends in 2017 that have been getting quite a bit of attention (mmmmmm).
But, who has time to read massive reports, right?
So, I’ve done that for you and distilled it down to one handy infographic for you to munch on!
Nomnomnom away my pretties!


7 Trends Makeup Pros are looking out for in 2017

Did you know there is like this secret club of the best makeup artists in the world? Yeah, I didn’t know either.

It’s called the Makeup Show, and they hold shows five times a year in NY, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and LA. New products are announced, the best in the business are present and makeup artists around the world generally go nuts. But, for a long time, makeup lovers who aren’t highly credentialed pros, like ourselves, have been mostly shut out of the event.

That is, until last Tuesday.

In New York, makeup mavens James Vincent & Danessa Myricks unveiled the Makeup Show Trend Report. Streamed live for the world to see, they predicted the top makeup trends for the coming year, and showcased new launches and old favorites.

Wanna get the inside scoop?!

Here’s the Makeup Show’s top trends for 2017.

1. Seasons? What seasons?

Everything is moving faster these days with Instagram now driving trends and forcing brands to adapt. What you see on social media now, more often than not, ends up on a cat walk the next week.

2. Eye Gloss is Legit

I keep harping on about eye gloss being hard to maintain, but apparently James Vincent thinks there’s no need, ‚Äútake a finger and pop it on from crease to lash and you‚Äôre good to go. You don‚Äôt have to worry about maintaining it, because people expect it to be smudgy and effortless.‚ÄĚ Well, there you go…

3. Do it all pigments

I used to laugh at people who used all in one products like “Thin Lizzy” (urgh…) but, in 2017 new products are coming out now that completely disregard this. Take, for instance, Danessa Myrick’s own Cream Colors line. They’re essentially tubes of pigment that you can use on any area of the face. Foundation, blush, highlight, eye shadow, you name it. It can go there.

4. Instagram Makeup is Officially Too Much

Vincent kept going back to how over the top Instagram makeup has gotten. One of his pet peeves was the intense contouring. Instead, this year’s trend (or maybe just the trend makeup artists are pushing against Instagram) is for natural & radiant skin. Vincent recommends putting on blush before layering foundation on top (ooooh… That’s new) and, instead of trying to drag down a line of contour, use a large fan brush to tap under the cheek until you can just see a curve happening.

5. Too much foundation

Myricks and Vincent were hating on Instagram quite a bit during this event. Another of their pet peeves was people guzzling their foundations. Vincent recommended more sheer coverage by starting with a heavier coverage cream foundation around the T-zone and blending out from there (without adding any more, that is). The best way to use less foundation is proper care and use of products before the application of foundation, he said. I’m guessing that means it’s time to pull out that primer you keep forgetting.

6. Layered Blush & Highlights

Ooooh, fancy! Pro makeup artists are now differentiating themselves from Instagram makeup artists by using multiple shades of blush and highlight. Vincent recommends pinks and reds on the apples of the cheeks blended with corals and peaches towards the temples. Myricks recommends making use of bronzer in a more nuanced way by applying it to the whole cheek which reserving the really shiny stuff to edge the top of the cheek bone. I guess the overall trend is for more nuance?

7. Big bold lips are back in!

I’ve always loved big bold lips and both Myricks and Vincent agree! They’re back in! Last year it was all about matte textures and nude lips. This year, stains, tints, lacquers and sticks are gunna get a work out and it’s not just reds. Myricks said people are going to embrace the “spectrum of color like never before”. That means oranges, pinks, purples and even blues are A-OK. Sounds good to me! Now… Where was that neon orange lip lacquer I left lying about…

That’s it for this blog! Let us know if you agree with the Makeup Show in the comments below. Are there trends you see that they haven’t talked about? Do you just hate one or more of the trends they talked about here? I’d love to know!

2 Ways You Need to Do your Nails this Year

We gotta talk about nails, girl.
I love mine, but they are most neglected part of our beauty regimes (or mine, at least). It’s because we only have them done once a week or so, isn’t it? But they are one of the most durable and creative ways to add a bit of pizzazz to your life. Whereas you can only wear so much makeup on your face before you start looking ridiculous and out of place, with nails, anything goes!
Yes, even this (apparently this was a thing last year?)
With an infinite number of ways you could decorate them, how do you choose?! I’m going to show you a couple of nail art techniques that are going to explode in popularity this year. Just make sure that your local salon has the right materials and skill to offer these.
Nail polish at the ready, ladies!

Making a statement with your nails.

Text art has existed since the first printing press, but if there was one year to make a statement, this is it. Personal, social or, especially, political (@womensmarch #immigrant #thankyousally). Plus, there’s that bonus where you can tell someone to “talk to the hand” and really mean it.

#glassnails to 3D nails

This one originated from Park Eun Kyung, otherwise known as the Korean goddess of nail art (and Korean nail artists are scary good at it). In 2016, she invented a way to make your nails look like shattered glass (hint: it involves crinkly silver lolly wrappers). It went viral with the #glassnails hashtag. Since then it’s progressed, naturally, as other artists have added their own flavor to it. Next there was rainbow geometric nails, then marble nails, and precious stone nails. Now we’re getting 3D nails.
While 3D accessories now give us unlimited possibilites, try not to go too over the top. Do you really want this?
Have you got some amazing nails? Show us below in comments! I’d love to see!

6 Makeup Trends to Rock in 2017

This is the year of Instagram and the beauty blogger.
Rejoice! Us amateur makeup dabblers are now equal to the intimidating conformity of high fashion. So, it’s no surprise that 2017 is going to be a year of polar opposites.
Natural and subtle? So in.
Glitter, gold and blush? Rock it!
So without further ado here are 6 trends we predict for 2017 from both ends of the spectrum:

1. Glossy Lids

MAC editorials have been showing these babies off for ages, but to do them IRL? An impractical sticky mess. That is, until 2017. Big brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC and Kevyn Aucoin are now releasing actual eye glosses. You could still use your fave lip gloss over your eye shadow for that 15 minutes of super-glam. Totes worth all the sticky clumping afterwards, yeah! (Psst. Neat trick, is use very little gloss and avoid the crease! You’re welcome)

2. 80s Throwback

They say everything comes back into fashion eventually. Not long ago, big blue eye shadow, neon pink blush and hair teased to within an inch of it’s life was the sign of some serious issues. Now it’s all the rage again. Time to ask mum for some makeup tips…

3. Going all-in with blush

Who needs bronzer anyway?! This year you’re going to be going through compact after compact of blush. Whether you plaster it onto your face like you’re at a throwback Bee Gees disco , or power blend it all the way up to the temples and onto the lid, it’s all good. Blush, in 2017 it’s all about “the more the merrier”.

4. Subtle Metallic

I’ll always love a bit of metallic rose gold on the lid, and that’s not going to go away. But in 2017, it will take a back seat. This year, keep it to subtle highlights on the cheekbones, or the inner eyelids. Stay classy, ladies.


The GLITTER monster is still going strong on Instagram! And so it is in 2017 that we’re going to start finding less precise ways to apply it to our faces. Smash it onto the bottom lid and allow the fallout to lie where it may like when you cry you happen to cry glitter. Or, do the same thing with your lips! Maybe don’t do it with both…

6. Classic Red Lips


My favorite go to look for all time in the universe to infinity. It’s always going to be classically gorgeous, but in 2017, it’s particularly in. As I’ve always said, it’s eyes or lips, never both, and who doesn’t love luscious red lips? Keep the brows groomed and wear them with nude or even no makeup! (Pro tip! Teeth aren’t white enough to wear red lips? Brush your teeth with charcoal for 5 minutes (dead serious), rinse, then protect your teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline)
What are your go to looks going to be in 2017?
We’d love to hear them! Leave em in the comments below!

5 Korean Beauty Products We Love!


I think we’ve said this before, but it’s probably a good idea to say it again. Koreans think of the craziest beauty products in the history of the universe. I mean… Who thinks of sticking a bird’s house onto their face? Korean’s do, that’s who. But these aren’t just random stabs in the dark to find a miracle cure. These beauty products really work and Koreans now have some of the best skincare (and skin) in the world.

Today we bring 5 of the best! But don’t take my word for it. We asked beauty fans from around the Interwebs and this is what they had to say!

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder


“It’s super versatile and can be used for many applications including oil blotting, dry shampoo powder, make up setter, and much more. You can google or go on the innisfree website to look at all their suggested uses. It goes on as a translucent powder and is very lightweight.” – Laney

Holika Holika 99% Aloe Vera Gel


“The most authentic feeling Aloe Vera gel that I’ve ever used. It is really hydrating and I use it for my face and hair. This product is really portable but can be slippery at times because of the shape” – Aryanna O.

Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Wash-off Mask


“This product alone does so much! With other scrubs I often end up feeling tight, and I need to moisturize badly afterwards. That’s not the case with this scrub/mask. I apply to dry skin, and let the product sit for about 10 minutes. Then I’ll massage in circles for a couple of minutes before removing with warm water. Afterwards my skin feels like a baby’s bottom, no joke! The scrub also helps my other products sink in better.” – Sam H.

“I have extremely sensitive skin – I can’t even use normal laundry detergent, but this product works very well for me and doesn’t make me break out at all. My skin feels so smooth and looks great using this twice a week after using a cleanser. This product smells amazing too. Definitely recommend this product!” – Ally J.

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner


“I use it every. single. day. I love it – super easy to apply, with the included little brush or one of your own if you roll like that. I haven’t had clumping issues, smudges, nada. It stays put even when I’m sweating and I honestly cannot complain at all!” – Jennifer A.

“I stumbled upon this product after seeing many users on Reddit and YouTube rave about how it was great for oily eyelids. I have pretty oily eyelids that cause eyeliner transfer after a handful of hours and I have been on the lookout for an eyeliner that would stay put, yet not be liquid because I feel like gel is easier to work with. I really like the formulation of this eyeliner. It is very soft and smooth and goes on smoothly as well. It is ultra pigmented, so I don’t have to use much to get the look I want.” – Pia N.

Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint


“Buildable color, so one bottle gives you access to a number of different hues –lighter for casual, everyday use, and darker for nights out. I love this versatility and I’m definitely going to reorder once I finish this bottle.” – Garie

So what products do you love?! Leave them in the comments below!

Peel off makeup is going to blow up in 2017.

South Koreans have been sending some¬†crazy trends into the makeup world over the last couple of years.¬†2016 was no different. One such crazy trend was peel off makeup and it’s set to explode in 2017. No, it’s not as scary as it sounds. There ain’t no zombie shenanigans going on, but it’s definitely weird. Does it work? Let’s figure that out.

Peel off makeup isn’t new. It’s been making the rounds in South Korea around the fringes of cosmetics for ages. Basically, it’s a temporary tattoo that stains your skin for days at a time that looks like makeup. You know,¬†like those temporary tattoo’s you got as a kid to look super hardcore. But, only recently it’s been getting serious attention from the mainstream, such as Tony Moly, Etude House and Berrisom.


The most popular types of peel off makeup are¬†brow and lip tints.¬†Probably not going to see a peel off full face foundation anytime soon.¬†They come in a thick and glossy solution in lots of colors and tints. You apply with the included applicator and quickly remove mistakes with a wet cotton bud (don’t ever¬†let mistakes set). After waiting from 30 minutes to overnight, depending on how dark you want it, you peel off the remaining film to reveal the stain.


Is it for you? Well, even though peel off tints tend to last days on end they takes ages to apply, and you don’t even know what it’s going to look like¬†until you peel it off. This means you’re going to have to do some experimentation on how long you are going to leave it on.

That being said, if you are like me, and you’d rather sleep in than spending an extra half hour putting on your face in the morning before work, peel off makeup ensures makeup that doesn’t budge, smudge or fade for days at a time. Get that extra 10 minutes sleep every morning so you can slap that snooze button just one more time.


Get your very own brow tint right here! Lipping’s 7 Day Brow Tattoo Pen! Perfect for the busy modern woman. Set your brow on Sunday night and retouch it next Sunday! Always have perfect brows with minimal effort.

Beauty Trend Predictions for 2017


As we wave bye bye to 2016, the trends was, glitter. We all went gaga over the shiny. The goddess of makeup herself, Pat McGrath, made it so with the release of her Lust Kits. Unabashedly blinding glitter.


If this completely passed you by, that’s ok, here’s a free pass.

But if you want to get a leg up on what’s going to look hot in 2017, look no further. Free passes won’t come so easy next year.

Brows, brows, brows

Brow grooming is getting big. Fast. And it isn’t just about sculpted and luscious brows like you’re¬†channeling your inner¬†Lily Collins. People are now starting to see the benefits of¬†semi-permanent solutions. In 2017 everyone¬†and their mum will be getting peel off brow tints and microblading.


Glossy, Dewy eyelids

Glossy eyelids aren’t that new. They experienced a resurgence in late 2016, but they’re expected to start with a bang in 2017. Normally achieved using lip gloss on your eyelid, brands such as Bobbi Brown are releasing special eyelid gloss. Soon¬†you can get that mysterious dewy look without making a sticky mess of yourself after 2 minutes.


80’s baby!

People say fashion and beauty is cyclical. So it’s no surprise that high fashion houses are drawing inspiration from the pop-obsessed ’80s. To go with all that voluminous clothing, cosmetic makers have also begun bringing back the big and bright. So, that rule about picking either the eyes or the lips? Why not try throwing that out the window in 2017. We dare you.


Or nothing at all!

While going nude was a huge trend in 2015, it sort of died off in 2016 with all the emphasis on glittery,¬†dewy faces. But with the rise of athleisure/”athluxury” wear, and the renewed emphasis on organic, clean living, the nude look is back with a vengeance! And what looks more nude than makeup that looks nude? No makeup at all! High fashion runways have begun embracing tinted moisturizers and barely there concealer and the #NoMakeup trend is growing too. Also, you know the best thing about this trend? Your skin is going to love it!


So there we go! Our guaranteed* predictions for 2017!

Now there’s no excuse for not looking your best. Let us know what you’re going to rock in 2017.¬†Who knows? It might be the next big thing in 2018!

(* sort of, but not really).