My favorite eye makeup tips to make you look like you know what you’re doing.

Looking fab ain’t always easy. Especially when you have no idea whether what you’re doing is right (pretty much most of the time). So, when I came across these makeup tips that help you make the most of your eyes I had to share them!

Eye shape, brows, lids and lashes, I got you covered! Now there’s no excuse to go out looking like you’ve used a Homer Simpson made makeup gun.

Use multiple layers of mascara for that extra “boost”! Sometimes I even use 3 layers.
Raise your brow.


For a smokey look to an existing color start with a black base.
For longer lasting and more vibrant eyeshadows start with a white base!
Use your inner lash line! It can make a world of difference.
What kind of eye shape are you?
White liners are the bomb! If you get any one do-it-all product a shimmery white liner has to be it.
Use light pressure on the crease, medium pressure on the lid for natural shading.
Some inspo for you!
Wanna be pro at applying eyeliner? Start with dots and then connect them together with an eyeliner brush for a smooth straight light.
How eyeliner can change your eye shape.
The perfect lash curl!
Getting an eye lift without surgery!
THIS is how you apply eye makeup. Don’t look straight ahead, rather tilt your head up and look down into a mirror. This makes your lid tight reducing the chance of ugly creases when applying.


Got any eye makeup tips of your own! Share them in the comments below, and who knows, we may feature you in our next spot!

8 Infographics that Make Using Beauty Products Easier

There are about 12 billion different beauty products you can buy these days (maybe a slight exaggeration). So it’s no wonder that many of us have no idea what to get or how to use half of them.
Luckily, one of the rules of the Internet is that, if somethine exists, someone, somewhere will have made an infographic.
I love a good infographic. So easy to read and understand, and the best ones can change your life. So, here are my top 8 beauty infographics that might change yours!

Find out the perfect foundation type for your skin!
No idea what skincare product to use first? Check this out
So many brushes! So little idea how to use them! This has got your basics covered.
How to conceal those ugly under eye circles, or just go nuts!
No idea what eyeshadows do to your eye? Refer to the above chart!
Mowing through your foundation? You’re probably using too much. Here’s the right amount to use of every beauty product!
Contouring. No longer some magic voodoo art. This is how you can flatter any face type!
Had that mascara forever? Maybe it’s time to throw it out. That is unless you like getting an eye infection…

Have you got any favorite beauty infographics of your own that you wear by? Leave them below in the comments. I’d love to learn about them!

Your Post-NYE Guide on How to Not Look Like Sh#t


New Years Eve is upon us. It’s the one time of year where we don’t even pretend that we’re going to take it easy. You’ll drink to much, party a little too hard, and pass out not quite in the place you expected to. The conversation in your head will go something like this,

“It’s ok, it’s only once a year, and new year’s eve is a pretty spesh night.”

Flash to next morning,

“Holy crap, what happened, where am I?! I feel like complete trash! last night was a bad idea…”

Did I exaggerate? Maybe… Maybe not.

One thing that isn’t an exaggeration is the fact that you’re going to look like hell. You’re going to try and leg it to your PJs as fast as possible and then collapse on the nearest cushioned surface.

But not everyone has an easy out on new years day, what with family lunches and G-rated social gatherings to attend.

So before you’re able to pass out in a safe place here’s some ways you can rock the post-NYE hangover face, while still looking like a goddess.

1. Hydrate like a beached whale

Pack on the moisture. You’re skin will eat it up. Alcohol dehydrates, and combined with a lack of sleep, well… Your skin is going to look like a crumpled brown paper bag. Pop on a lifting and hydrating mask in the morning. Apply a water based serum rich in vitamin E and hyaluronic acid before slapping on some serious moisturizer. Then drink as much water as possible.

2. Go light

It’s completely natural to wakeup looking like crumpled mess and think, “S#&T! Time to cake on the thickest, fullest coverage cream foundation that I own! No one will be able to tell…” Well, babe, your skin can tell. You’re not fooling anyone with over the top makeup, you’re only clogging your pores. You’re skin will freak out and, if you’re acne prone, break the hell out. You’ll be tempted to pack on more makeup, and the downward spiral continues. Go for super light coverage instead. Color correcting primer to fix those panda eyes, followed by tinted moisturizer and a touch of liquid illuminator should do the trick.

3. Fake the eyes

Just because you have dark circles under your eyes does not give you an excuse to put dark circles above them. You’re already feeling sleepy, your go to smokey eye is only going to make you look sleepy. Stick to nude colors for your eye shadow. Curl your lashes and apply brown mascara to lighten, and finally, a pro tip. Apply white or a light silvery eye liner to your inner corner of your eye and lower eyelid above the lash line. Voila, big wide doe eyes.

4. Go natural

The last thing you want to do in your state is to draw attention to yourself. Skip the electric blue eye shadow, and neon orange lipstick. Keep cool like a cucumber by keeping it natural. Stick to lightly tinted moisturizing lip gloss or lip balm (don’t pick bright strawberry as your tint of choice). Your cracked and dry lips will thank you for it. If you can get one that smells nice as well, that’ll cover up that garlic kebab you had last night.

5. CBF’d? Wear sunnies to match

So you’ve given up on new years day, but you have to go out? No probs, babe. Huge dark glasses that tell everyone to leave you alone will do the trick.


Need some additional post-NYE anti-hangover help? Try our Laneige Moisture Trial Kit! All the heavy duty moisturizing you will ever need in one compact box from South Korea’s leading skincare maker!

How do you plan to take care of yourself post-NYE? Let us know how we can help!